Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter Weekend Cross Training ... My Toe In Colors

Few days late, but I am here to recap this Easter. Don't know how about your whereabouts, but in Prague, we had more of Christmas like Easter with proper snowfall on Monday several times during the day! Wooops :o) I have one main purpose of this post. I am grateful about what I have learnt during my marathon training journey so far. I am not obsessing about only running any more and I am way more proactive about what life throws at me.

About this colored little toe. Friday evening, after my progression run on the treadmill, getting my dinner ready and I simply kicked the sofa that has been there in the same spot for at least a year. I am not a person who would wine about aches, I would even say that my pain threshold is really high. For this one, I almost cried, I saw the worst, thinking about needing to choose different spring marathon. I iced it, then iced it some more and decided to give it a try next morning. After walk with the dogs I knew running wasn't an option for Saturday, fortunately I do have the bike trainer, so I simply alternated and did my easy tempo session (link to Garmin) on the bike.

Little toe status on Sunday morning:

Sunday is the long run day. For me it meant 80 minutes on the bike trainer, breakfast and 60 minutes of inline skating. Solid session in the books!

Beautiful weather for inline skating, still little too cold though!

I was wearing my San Francisco Nike Women's Half Marathon finisher "hoodie" all weekend, love it! And I look way too serious :D

Easter Monday No. 1 ... from morning walk with the dogs.

Easter morning No. 2 ... crazy April weather!

Easter lunch according to Metabolic Balance®:
carrot-parsnip-ginger soup, 2 perfectly cooked eggs, rye bread 
... and an apple for dessert <3

Little toe status on Wednesday evening :)

What I wanted to say... I am extremely happy about knowing better how to handle such situations. Instead of passively waiting for my toe to get better, I figured out what other forms of training I can get in. I also finally ordered the belt for aqua jogging, so I am ready to do that next time I need (hopefully not too soon). 2 years ago it would simply mean 3 days without activity, now I am proactive and do what I can. The three days were not running specific, but I did not loose any fitness and my legs were actually pretty fresh for killer session on Wednesday with the coach (link to Garmin file).

Even though my training log changed colors little bit, there are no missed sessions!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Greetings from Portugal

Greetings from a training camp in Algarve, Portugal. I did this already last year, provided by the 209 events agency (Mike Gratton's - winner of London marathon in 1980s in 2:09!) and with great coaching of Nick Anderson, Tom Craggs and Bruce Tulloh.

Did a 5 km fun race in Falésia village and met with Czech triathlete there who happened to be a reader of my blog. And that was final kick in by b*tt :D I need to get back to my blog. When you get hurt and the training is not going great it is tought sometimes. I worked really hard to get back in the game after the troubles / injury before Chicago (the race recap is coming!). I rather share photos from the running camp here and talk about the issues later. Hope you are running great!

More about the workouts I did while in Portugal next week :)

Most important part of my equipment right now - custom made insoles for my running shoes to help with my feet issues (thanks to Studio zdravého obouvání).

Nice to have this office view during the stay here in Portugal :)

Going for high mileage and tough sessions requires proper recovery - dipping your legs in cold pool & Generation UCAN (with protein) for recovery!

And to speed up the recovery even more Compex to the rescue of sore muscles. Here multitasking by watching the Biathlon world championships in Finland :)

Love Matcha Tea <3

Beatuiful walks on the beach.

Compression gear by Royal Bay for recovery after the long run on Sunday last week.

Working hard on track - mid day heat ... Royal Bay Extreme Calf Sleeves to the rescue!

And again, immediate post workout recovery shake.

Another view form our room.

Barefoot run on the beach...

... with interesting view.

Great food to fuel all the running :)

5 km fun race ... happy with the pace given it was 3 x uphill-downhill loop.

Easy recovery run this morning on the beach during the Solar Eclipse 2015.

I LOVE to RUN <3

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ... Yull Shoes GIVEAWAY Reminder

Today is the last day of Yull Shoes GIVEAWAY! You can enter directly here. Hurry, you only have until midnight CET today (Wednesday Dec, 17).

Just wanted to make it clear that you can win any shoes of your choice, not just the pink ones in the original post :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Paleo Cookbook for Life (Book Review)

My longterm but still only online friend Jitka Egressy just published her first cookbook - Paleo Cookbook for Life. I already read it cover to cover :) You can read my review bellow, now go and click on the link and get it to your Kindle, because it is absolutely FREE until Wednesday December 18!!!

Don't expect over complicated fancy recipes that will take you hours. Expect simple yummy meals, sometimes with a non-Paleo ingredient treat version, but always with a Paleo version as well. If you don't want to spend all your money on complicated kitchen gadgets and all your free time cooking, go for this book.

As the author is not a native speaker, the language is sometimes little off, but nothing disturbing and there is nice warm and friendly caring tone throughout the whole book.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Xmas Gift Ideas For Runners

This is gonna be more pictures & links than words :)

Don't forget to enter the Yull Shoes Giveaway!!!

Royal Bay compression sleeves & knee highs, plus the new neon socks -

Matcha Tea Shaker & Bottle -

Anything your beloved person likes and uses on regular basis, or anything you think they might be interested in (but be careful to know them well for this option!). What would be on my wish list:

Quest Bar -
The ultimate protein low carb bar ... they simply are super delicious and do not containt that much crazy ingredients as many others.

Generation UCAN -
Super starch smart nutrition for endurance athletes and anybody who needs sustained energy.

Nike gift voucher -
Well a gift woucher to any running store or favorite brand store ... for me it woudl be Nike. I am afraid that as I am trying to go more minimalist, this store is out of my will power. I could spend any amout of money given there :D

Salomon hydration gloves & backpack -

Garmin vívofit -
Wristband that tracks daily activity, now comes with super cute colors of replacement bands and the battery lasts for whole year!!!

eVito set Nutrition -
Great combo for anyone looking to maintain healthy weight and activity level or wanting to loose some weight. The set contains step counter of your choice (can be also vívofit), intelligent body weight scale and 1 year of eVito Active account to monitor your energy intake (eating) and output (sports & activities), goals and much more.

Garmin 920 XT -
Best multisport watch out there right now! Quite pricy, but superb functionality. Also very hot news on the sportwatch market!

Garmin Swim -
For anybody that "only" runs and swims and already has the favorite running gps watch. Simple, measures number of laps you swim, number of strokes, what kind of stroke you use .... you can also enter manual mode when you swim some drills. Battery lasts at least a year!

Valid for Czech Republic only ... new project of Petr Koukal to prevent testicular cancer! Ladies, we shall take care of the men in our lives, be it boyfriend, brother or father.

Experience Gift Vouchers
.. are great way to spoil your beloved ones. You can go from massage over nice meals to weekend getaways with relax.

Chateau Liblice -

Chateau Mcely -

Ambiente Restaurants -
Because brunch at Café Savoy is simply the best :D Than meat at Čestr and so many more delicious places to eat in Prague (and NYC)!

Cosmetics -
Mcely Bouquet is beautiful 100 % natural cosmetic line that I simply love! Created by Inéz Cusumano herself, available online, at Chateau Mcely and in the temporary pop-up store in Prague.

Gym equipment - (one example)
Here is what is on my wish list this year:

Agility gym / outdoors ladder

Sprinting "schute"
Weighted vest

Trigger Foam Roller -

Amazon books -
You can never go wrong with Amazon gift certifiacte :D

DISCLAIMER: Those are my personal selections, the links are not affiliate links, but some of the companies are supporting me through offering me their products for my training. Alll of the products I suggest are the ones I strongly believe in.