Sunday, July 27, 2014

Meal Prepping & Some Randomness

Hello everybody. Long time no see, but that does not mean I am not training and doing all fun stuff running, being crazy hot pink runner and loving great mostly paleo foods. Few weeks before this one have been tough as we are spicing up my training with more speed and that hurts, makes me tired and makes me kind of emotionally volnurable. I hate when I cannot stick to the paces The Coach plans out for me and I am slowly becoming an emotinal wrack if that happens in several workouts one after another.

Luckily this week is super low in comparison to all the previous ones as I am racing a 10 km today (actually it is 10 550 m) and we are taking this as a test. I don't like that the start is late in the afternoon and it's super hot, but it is same for everyone. With the super hot weather beating us up, I felt maxed out on Tuesday evening when I went for my session with The Coach. I was supposed to do untraditional progression run of 4-3-2 km at 5:15-5:00-4:45 min/km paces (8:26-8:02-7:38 min/mile). I was literally dreading "another" session where it would be difficult for me to attain the goal. 

Fortunately, our bodies are magical black boxes and they tend to surprise us :) I clocked the first km at 4:45 even though my legs felt really heavy. When I was clocking third km still at around 4:45, The Coach stopped me and adjusted the next parts, now shooting for 2 km at 4:30 each and the last rep with 1 km at 4:15. And as you can see, I knocked out the last rep at 4:08 which felt reasonably hard whereas the week before I wasn't able to go faster than 4:10 even when pushing very hard with much longer rests. YAY!!!

Back to randomness. I got a new haircut on Friday. Not at all my idea, my hairdresser has my total trust, even though I honestly did not know whether he was joking when he started talking about shaving part of my head! I LOVE it :o) We can be boring when we are old, righ? Or not!

I don't know how about you guys, but I tend to be super hungry on Friday evening as I am tired after all the week and the body just screams for energy. I know the best is sleep, but still my body wants huge amounts of food. I am trying to be little wiser about this, so to be actually able to eat huge amount of food means to include ton of veggies, so I make the huge pile relatively low calorie meal :o)

I am trying out little carb cycling to tone up for the autumn racing season. Saturday was high carb day - YAY. These pancakes would be eligible for low carb day as well as they are made of an egg, whey protein isolate and home made almond mil (using this recipe from Against All Grain). The capuccino is also made with the almond milk. Bowl of rice and fruits followed for the carbing up :)

Then I was off to farmers' market to get some fresh produce for the next week. Meal prepping really helps you to keep your diet in check. I find myself slipping off always when I am stressed out, tired and do not have the healthy "right" options ready at hand.

Made minced beef-veggie stir fry that is good for three meals, cauliflower mash for two or three meals and pulled beef. Here bellow are rosemary-cranberry crackers from the almond pulp that is left after doing the almond milk (cracker recipe here).

I had a piece of beef in freezer that had to be prepped and didn't feel like doing another stew and am seeing all those slow cooker "pulled" meats around Instagram. So I googled slow cooker pulled beef, super easy recipe - rub the meat in the spices you choose, add few spoons of bone broth, spoon of fish sauce and set in slow cooker on low for about 4-6 hours depending on the size of meat. Then pull apart with fork and let cook and absorb the sauce for about one more hour. Finally enjoy the yumminess :))) That is my trouble, my food is sometimes sooo good, I want to eat it all :D

I woke up earlier than I wanted today, so took the advantage of not being that warm yet (don't want my energy going out to the heat before the race) and took the dogs for a long walk. It was so beautiful and quiet just after 8 am. Had a nice breakfast and long sleep after I came home :) Hopefully, now I am ready to rock'n'roll and get those legs of mine moving really fast!

How was your running this weekend? Challenging races or workouts? Or taking it low?

Friday, June 27, 2014

I Am Very Tired

Nope, I am not superwoman nor robot or machine that can go on endlessly... I already wrote it in the previous post, getting back in full training makes you tired. I love having back the regime as the taper time is always madness and very nervous :) On the other hand I have to admit that it is quite enjoyable to have time for other activities. Now it is back to business time = back to running. Cutting down on social activities and emphasizing things like rest, recovery and sleep. And of course I work 5 days a week.

When you are on a roll, you tend to think you are unbreakable. Don't be mistaken, your body will tell you when you push too much. Luckily, I know my body much better and can catch such a moment relatively early after working for 3 years with The Coach (he is like third parent for me now :) love and respect him so much, even though I might not always do the things his way at first :D). We will have our 3 year anniversary in July :)))

5 days of intense effort and speed session with The Coach the 6th day? Oooh my God, 400 m times 5 s slower than last week... Made me wanna cry. So I am taking 3 easy days now so I can push hard soon again :) Three days easy = one day of total rest and weekend will be super easy runs of 60-75 mins. Well, I realized my last day off training was May 28, so it was about time to pull back and recover... My dream is BIG and as I want to fulfill, running has always come first. Including rest time, recovery and ME time to deal with training but also work related stress.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Few photos about what also made me tired...
Going back and forth to Ostrava to see some great world track & field athletes including Alison Felix!

Played 9 holes of golf and scored 2nd

Raced trail mountain race where I came in first female and won these beautiful herbs for my cooking :)

Cracked coconut for first time in my life :) (do you LOVE my pink tools as I love it?)

Fueled properly... Introducing some safe starches to improve my nutrient balance according to Perfect Health Diet (great book BTW!)

Raced on track past Sunday - 3 000 m and 1 500 m ... Turns out it is much tougher after 100+ km week

Had to share this beautiful post workout breakfast

Last bit is this Wednesday's race... 10 km, 5th day in a row of hard efforts. 9 km I was suffering because of un digested sweet potato. I do promise I will never ever eat that close to race / hard workout. I am glad I did not give up and was able to race hard the last kilometer!

Monday, June 09, 2014

Busy Weekends, Even Busier Weeks

I back in full marathon training, getting ready for the autumn marathon that happens to be Chicago! Exactly 4 months to go since last Thursday - the race is October 12, 2014. This translates to higher mileage = more time spent training = more fatigue = more need to sleep = less time for anything else including blogging. Please excuse my absence! So here is more of a photo post with some short comments about past two weeks.

Weekend June 7-8

On Saturday I was invited by our business partner to do a mountain bike race "Kolo pro život" (Bike for life). Of course I signed up for the longest "marathon" distance of 55 km, I am anendurance athlete (who biked last time 2 years ago if I don't count few spinning sessions...). 

Let me just tell you that it was tough, it took me almost four and half hours, but I finished. I guess that my bike being called grandpa might have something to do with that as well. As I thought it was gonna take less time, I also underestimated fueling, so had to dig deep I the second loop. It feels good though to push my body in an unknown direction. Might cost me extra $$$ as I am thinking about upgrading my poor old bike :D 

... just after finshing, I couldn't even force a smile...

... yet I recovered enough to complete the body weight functional training of June challenge from "Holky ve formě" blog. Outside in the garden this time :) Push up selfie :)))

Rewarded myself with veal burgers and grilled veggies.

Sunday was back to running ... 8+something km of local race with patronage of great friend Olda Vlasák. I was 2nd female most of the race, but got chicked just few hundred meters before finish, the final kick just wasn't in me :( It was super hot, luckily the race was in a nice forrest most of the time.

Last meters...

Great performance by the top girls, I am grateful for any podium finish :)))

With Olda Vlasák ... Won beer for grandpa :)

Delicious lunch at Golf Club Hradec Kralove.

And busy week in pictures:

June 10, Lucie (famous Czech group coming back after 10 years) in concert!!! What a night!

Unfortunately, 4:30 am wake-up call after the concer to fly for a business meeting in Poland.

Luckily the running epidemic spreads in our company, so we went for a run with my boss/friend after the meetings :) Best way to explore any city is running!

Zig-zagging through Warsaw :)

We rewarded ourselves with delicious dinner - two colored gazpacho and super yummy salad!

And I got my new conference table delivered on Thursday! I now have another glimpse of my favorite city at home :)

Oh and I spoiled myself little more - finally got a powerful blender. Expect to see lot of smoothies and nut butters :)

Weekend June 14-15

Last Saturday was yet another race - 10 km in Hradec Kralove... I won the entry fee in Royal Bay FB contest, so ran in their colors :) Glad to meet Olympic marathon athlete Ivana Srkyrova again! And little push up / Universalman show with my mental coach Jirka Kasty :)

Off to a great birthday garden party in the afternoon ... Well I was really hungry as you can see when I remembered to take a photo :)

My mom found my inline skates that were missing for 4 years, so I can use them for cross training :)

Meal prepping ... Did grain free granola according to Against All Grain recipe :)

Super YUMMY ... I would say even addictive :)

More meal prepping...

And post long run recovery...

And back to high volume training means back to Compexing!

I hope to post soon about what followed this past week :)

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Homeless GU Gels :)

Quick Saturday post, I have this batch of GU gels with best before date 06/2014 from the time when I was not using Generation UCAN and GUs were my number one choice. Leave a comment if you want them. I will randomly choose from comments. Comment until Sunday June 8 midnight :)

I am off to race 55 km on a mountain bike ... Wooops :)

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Week & Weekend Wrap Up

I hope you entered the summer month of June in a great way! And as we are fully gearing into the summer, great bloggers & runners, girls at Holky ve formě have a June bikini challenge for you! Let's go and crush it together :) 

Lot of photos in this post, some comments with them. This week started not in the great way with me having a 38.3 °C fever Tuesday night and spending Wednesday with a big effort to get rid of the flue as fast as it came. With a help of The Coach and lot of natural vitamins and immunity boosters, the mission was successfully accomplished!

Butch helping with healing sleep, lots of fruits and organic chicken broth with garlic.

Those IKEA ice cream makers are great to keep your extra broth in your freezer in nicely sized portions :) Meal prep is the key! Fail to prepare = prepare to fail.

And has registration open for two autumn races in Plzeň and Brno. I'm doing my daily 30 squats + 30 push ups again!

On the bright side, I got some exciting gear to test our for you! Bose and Monster sport earphones!

Scoring the Monster earphones at work when I need to tune in and block out outside noises.

And finally there came the weekend! I woke up quite early on Saturday, but took it easy and enjoyed my morning, started to read a book, did some meal prep. And look what I found in our garden... beautiful roses!

Then I was off for a short drive to attend the Maminy Cup (Moms' Cup), all day event for active moms and their kids where I was one of the ambassadors. The weather was great and so was the company!

Meet my new great firend - Katka Emmons, she is a newbie runner, but she is one of the world's best shooters as she has several olympic medals! And what is more, she is really sweet and nice and lot of fun!

Because people who love burgers are always great :) Big girls eat burgers, big boys drink coffee :D :D :D

Photo courtesy - check the FB album.

I participated in 5 km race that was part of the program. There was 5 km and 10 km, The Coach told me I should only run easy this weekend. Knowing myself and the fact that it is very hard for me not to race when I have a race number on my chest, I chose 5 km as it ment the intense effort for shorter time. I set off in the lead, there was approx 500 m loop around athletic stadium and we were 3 or 4 in the lead. After the initial loop we were two in the lead - both named Bára which was fun with people cheering us up. 

I did not check the watch at all, neither did I have a heart rate monitor. I wanted to take it as easy as possible. But Bára was very solid competition, so she didn't let me. We were running shouler on shoulder up until about 2 km and I could hear Bára starting to breath more heavily. Remembered what I read in the biographies of the big marathoners during this winter. I tried to push and peeled off. My surge was successfull and I was shortly in the lead alone. It was fun first time ever having the leading bike ahead of me clearing the path in the park. I did not look back once and was pretty sure that there was little probability for being caught up. Well I did not really slow down, but the pace did not feel super hard. What a surprise when I finished at 21:11.46!!! Well the course was definitely about 100-150 m shorter, but nice result anyway for the effort I felt :) Thanks to Bára for pushing me :)))

And to round up the day, we had delicious dinner with my dad as it was his birthday on Saturday! Happy birthday daddy!!! :)

We played a birthday game of golf with my dad on Sunday. I did not play well, but it was beautiful day we spent together!

Came home and after a nap it was time for the scheduled 10 km run. I took advantage of testing the Bose earphones = having my iPhone with me = being able to take pictures on a run. Listened to a Runner Academy podcast with Matt Fitzgerald talking about Diet Cults as he just published a book of this name. Interesting!!! Can't wait to read the book.

Best running buddies ever!!! Butch & Bourbon

It's pretty challenging to document earphones on a selfie :D

Do you have plans for Tuesday night? There will be a training run followed by a debate with me on Tuesday at the Prague's Running Mall!!! Come to have some fun running together :)

Good night and have a great week everyone!