Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Photos from the golf course running race

Check out the full photo gallery from the "ČSOB Hostivařský běh" (fun golf course run) and my older post about the race itself. I only choose few photos to remember the race and see how exhausted I was at the end of the race, you should definitely check all the gallery as there are many nice running pics. 

The start.

Very different after-finish feelings for me in my first short-distance race (more here).

With the Golf Club president - also an enthusiastic runner - thank you for inviting me Dag! Keep it up!

Here I got a third place by mistake, so we repeated the ceremony, I finished fourth and was more than happy to give the medal to its proper owner. No fun getting medals when you know you did not deserve it. Unfortunately no photos from the correct ceremony.

Full photo gallery can be found here: http://www.photo-style.cz/clanky/csob-hostivarsky-beh-2011/?cssmens=5&m=7 ... many thanks to Zdeněk Pokorný for taking the photos and letting me use them!


  1. i saw this link on runner's world forums.

    To keep you motivated to update your blog everyday, i want you to know that i bookmarked your page so i can read it whenever i lose motivation to run in myself.

  2. piOi, thank you for commenting and supporting me. It means a lot to me, since it is the first comment I got on this new version of my blog! This is exactly why I am writing my blog ... to inspire others and help them get in to the running or to give that extra bit of motivation. And also to motivate myself! :)

    Thank you so much! I wish you very happy running!