Thursday, May 05, 2011

Two weeks in FULL marathon training

OK, first I have to apologize - long time no see. Many things happened and I have realized that it is more important to go through experiences than over-obsess over running. Big changes in my life - I finished my studies in Paris and in Prague, moved back to Prague and started working. I managed to continue running all the time, finished 3 more half-marathons, but my running was more of staying fit and sane not to become totally crazy about work than any high quality training (not to mention high quality nutrition.

Things changed again, I have been at my new job for a month now. I save one and half hours every day by not traveling out of the city to work and I can plan my days better and I feel better about my life now. My last half-marathon (the 4th in total) was a month ago, April 2nd, the Hervis Prague Half Marathon. I did train according to my possibilities, I managed to be pretty serious but had no extra expectations. I was going for anything under 2 hours. So 1:56:33 was very pleasant surprise after the 1:59:05 in 2010 (it is true that the last 7 k were influenced by strong head-wind, influencing not only me, but the top pro runners as well).

The Prague’s half result was nice motivation boost. It made me understand that race ahead is the best motivation to make me lace up my shoes and go running. And since my first half marathon in 2009 in NYC I had that though of full marathon sleeking somewhere back into mind. So here I am, I checked how long does the training program on Nike+ for full marathon beginners take? 28 weeks (yes more than half a year, but then 26.2 miles = 42,195 km is some serious distance) and when I checked it was exactly 29 weeks before the NYC marathon 2011. I am not yet in signing in etc., but I already planned the training program and started it in the week of April 25, 2011, so I can be ready for the full marathon on the November 26, 2011. Re-starting my running blog and sharing the experience of my first marathon training and hopefully marathon race is another way to keep me going.

I know this post is more of a personal one, but I promise to post more useful posts about running knowledge and experience I gained since I went from jogger to runner in the summer of 2009. Stay tuned, sign up for email updates or RSS feeds or leave a comment, tell me about your story or send me a link to your blog! And just keep running and listen to your body.

Beautiful spring to everybody out there!

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