Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New crazy HOT PINK babies!!!

I am in love with my new hot pink babies. Who are they? Reward for finishing my first official 10K race :) So first the race report than the babies. Bit late, the race was last Wednesday as a part of the Olympic Day Run series that is held all around the world. My calf still was not at all ready after the Saturday's half-marathon, but you cannot choose the dates of the races, well, let's see how did it go.

The race was scheduled for 6 pm, so early to work, relatively early leaving in order to register and get ready for the run. My great advantage was the place of the race, approx. 1 minute by car from our house and at the place where I usually train so I knew the route. I picked up my number just before 5 pm still in the official day job clothes. It seems that the runners are not used to blonds in dresses and heels :D When I came in 40 minutes later in my running gear I had way less strange looks :)

Since this was not hugely promoted well known race for masses, the starting field looked way more competitive. Let's see how can I do. I hoped for a time under 50 minutes. I took off faster than I wanted to as usual (I hope to change this!), but I felt really good. Great advantage was that it were two loops around Ladronka where I completed many many miles including my few tempo runs. I knew that even when it does not seem so, it is uphill one way and downhill the other. But the bad one, the uphill you can truly feel on your pace and heart beat and the downhill feels like normal flat unfortunately. So here we went.

At the middle of the race the referee was telling us actual time 25 minutes and something, this means chance for going under 50 minutes if I manage to go just a bit faster for the second half. I was not sure about it since the first half was pretty fast for me. There was one more looong not at all steep uphill to go, I was over passing runner by runner, slowly at my steady pace and it felt really good. I was hanging behind a guy that seemed to fit to go at same pace as me, but probably not used to running that much, about mile before the finish, friend was waiting with him and they sped up a bit, but not too much and I managed to hang behind them until the entrance to the stadium. 

The last 300 meters felt really long and my pace rally slow, you cannot see it on the pace chart bellow, but the last quarter mile was actually around 7:19 min/mile pace, which is pretty damn fast. 50:27 my finishing time. I was bit upset that I did not manage to go under 50, but on the other hand, it was just four days after the half in Olomouc, my calf still hurt a bit and half of the race was slightly uphill. When you check my pace and HR chart bellow, it is pretty nice and balanced (OK, would be better if the mile 5 was under 8:10 min/mile).

I had already Nike Frees as my new running buddies in mind when a seasoned runner confirmed me that less cushioning could help fight my over striding and going too much over my heel. So I decided that successful finish of the two races was reason good enough to get my crazy hot pink new babies. I actually ordered them before the last Wednesday's race and yesterday the UPS guy finally brought them in. Here they are, my new very very cute awesome babies:

The blue socks are for my best friend, she is running in blue, me in pink :)

Here is how they look when I wear them, sorry for the blurry picture.

And a short video of me running with the new babies ... I hope nobody saw me filming this :D

And did I mention that my hair dresser decided to make the summer hair cut bit "punky"
... and he did not know I am going for the crazy shoes ... fits perfectly!
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  1. hm... the shoes is cute!!! is the shoes Nike+ compatible?

  2. Yep, they are definitely Nike+ compatible, the official name is Nike Free Run+ 2. The color choice in Czech Republic is poor, so I tried them on in a Nike Store for the sizing (they are actually half size bigger than my other Nike shoes) and then I ordered them online in the official Nike Store with shipping to Czech Republic. When you have Nike ID, the shipping is free of charge :)

  3. I hear (in Triexpert shop), that Nike+ hole is not good for shoes sole... 1) dibalance of left and right foot, 2) hole is not good for function of sole.. What is your oppinion? Thanks for information with Nike shop!

  4. Excuse me for replying so late ... wasn't feeling well :( I can confirm that I sort of felt the place of the sensor in the shoe, but only when I actually put in the sensor. Otherwise there is a foam fill up that does not change the flexibility of the shoe that much (I guess). I am totally OK with the new pair of Frees. And I hope that for the Nike ID personalized set I will be able to define this - eg. without the sensor (you can always adjust it on the laces if needed). And with the GPS in almost every smartphone, you don't really need the sensor when running outdoors :)

  5. You are more than welcome! :) Let me know which shoes you finally got.

  6. oh.. I have Asics.. I was thinking about Nike+ compatible shoes, but in TriExpert said me, it´s not good (their opinion) (disbalance etc...)