Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday pleasures

Life is meant to be enjoyed so I am gonna share in this post the ways I enjoyed this Saturday. Basically, it is quite some bits of cooking (look forward to some delicious recipes :) ), relax, easy running with the new Garmin Forerunner 110, some running research and house chores (don't worry, I won't bother you with describing those!). And don't forget the most difficult part of my marathon training - the sleep schedule.

When the weather gets warm and parks crowded, a runner has to get up for the Sunday long run in order to avoid the heat and the people (especially a runner with a bit of a crazy dog). OK, you can go for the long run in the evening, but I have been there and even though I go for this option from time to time, I cannot really comfortably fall asleep and have quality sleep after running more than 10 miles just two or three hours ago. So Saturday being the only day that I can sleep in, I really enjoy waking up without alarm that one day a week. And this enjoyment goes well in to a Saturday home made brunch as there is only an easy run to follow in the afternoon/evening:

While and after brunching I went into a preparation of home-made cherry ice cream. Not my own idea. I am getting those organic fruits and veggies form local farmers every week and I cannot influence what I get, it is the season that sets the rules. It has one great advantage (apart from going local and eating more fruits an veggies) that I am forced to use fruits and veggies I would normally not buy and cook with. This might be surprising (as for my friend Andrea who loves cherries), but I simply don't like cherries, I can eat them in a cake, but I do not enjoy it neither eating them fresh. So I was in a research for a recipe that would transform cherries in a form I would like. Ice cream it is! I am not huge fan of sweet food, but since we are in the summer, the temperatures are high, having some home made ice cream for possible guests and some after run cool down seems to be good option.

I followed a recipe found at ... no eggs! no machine! in the title and the beautiful photos made the choice. Here is the link for the Cherry Ice Cream (no eggs! no machine!). And the photos of cooking the mixture and then the half day process of whisking the future ice cream in the freezer, so it gets the proper texture and freezes up right:


The final result after the last possible whisking of the frozen mass :)
After digesting the brunch and putting the ice cream in yet another freezing cycle, I went out for an easy run. Normally, it wouldn't be that special, but I was so excited to try out my new Garmin Forerunner 110. I used to be a true shopaholic, but trying to embrace more conscious and simple approach to my life now (I am still far from minimalist), I do not jump into shopping so often now. And when I buy something it is usually well thought of and I have been looking forward to getting that thing for some time. So this simplest GPS heart rate enabled watch Garmin has on the market now made me really happy, though I am only considering it a transition before I can afford the very cool, many features having Garmin Forerunner 610. I think that at the level of training I am in right now, I owe it to myself to pay attention to proper paces, heart rate etc.

And I did not need the Garmin for it to only confirm me that I simply go too fast on my easy or long runs. And since the voice feedback on my iPhone is set to every mile or every half-mile I wasn't really good at adjusting my pace to the necessary. And quite honestly, I didn't even know for which pace I should aim. To find out, what are your proper paces for the endurance, stamina, speed and sprint workouts, I strongly recommend to use McMillan's Running Calculator. To understand the names and the purposes of different kinds of workouts, check out the article about McMillan's Six-Step Training System. If you as like me do not know how and why exactly you should be doing those workouts, I strongly recommend investing the time to read the long article.

As a result of running my easy run really easy I felt really relaxed and had enough energy for all the afternoon. Since I was avoiding some other to-do's on my list, I event re-planted the strawberries I am growing on my window, since the original pot became too small. Explanation: I am not a person that would grow own strawberries from seeds (at least not yet). But I got a "strawberry growing kit" as a birthday gift from my best friend, so I am doing my best in order not to kill the strawberries and perhaps have some home grown strawberries in nearby future. Stay tuned for the results :)

And last but not least, the white cabbage and chicken Chinese spicy soup ... yummy! I will eventually include the recipe, but it's almost bed time now since the tomorrow morning's long run :) (Recipe in Czech can be found at:

Good night and good luck!

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