Sunday, July 03, 2011

Great Nike ad ... Petra Kvitova, the new female WIMBLEDON WINNER

It is the Wimbledon final weekend, I am just watching the men's final, but the most important game for the Czech Republic was held yesterday. And it went great, Petra Kvitova  won her first Grand Slam at Wimbledon at the age of 21! I am not that much in tennis, but the Czech people are known for getting very nationalist when we are about to get such a great victory in any sport :) So congratulations Petra! But why I write this post is the marketing opportunity Nike made from Petra's victory (being her sponsor).

I love the comments of some of the British journalist, saying that Petra is kind of "anti-celebrity", she does not care much about fashion designers, contracts for big marketing campaigns, she cares for playing the best tennis she can. And that is exactly what she did yesterday when winning smoothly 6:3 and 6:4 over the Russian favorite Sarapovova. No signs of being nervous, it looked like it was one of many Grand Slam finals and not the first one. And back to Nike :) When I opened one of the most visited Czech news online servers ( today, there was a very very cool intro ad by Nike that does not need any words. 

Or yep, it needs an English translation :) This is how I would translate it: "There is only one big victory. The next one." Great job Nike marketing department! And once again great great great job Petra, keep it going!

Back to the running and my marathon training. This weekend's plan: Saturday 3 miles, Sunday 14 miles. I felt I could squeeze in one more mile on Saturday and wanted to do some speed work. So tempo intervals at Hvězda (nice forest like park at the White Mountain), 1 mile warm up, 2x 0.5 mile tempo with 0.25 recovery and last 0.25 tempo. I though of doing the last tempo half mile as well, but did not have enough power for that -  even the quarter mile was slower than the previous tempos and slower than my supposed pace according to the McMillan's Running Calculator (tempo intervals at 7:11 to 7:26 min/mile pace). It is truth that they are perhaps too fast, but I am now aiming for the 3:30:00 marathon time paces, so I need to speed up :) We'll se how that goes! Garmin review of the run bellow.

And the Sunday run, first run longer than a half-marathon in a really long long time. Decided to change my routine while doing 2.5 mile loops at Ladronka or 1.6 miles at Hvězda seem to be too boring for a 14 miler. Unfortunately the other possibilities are not dog friendly, so I first had to walk the dog and headed out alone afterwards. Drove to the river and ran almost from the city center to the edge of wider Prague frontier. Podolí-Zbraslav-Podolí for the locals, you can see more on the map. 

Target pace 8:31 to 9:31 min/mile. I sort of managed to go at the slower pace range for the first half of the run and  towards the faster end of the pace range for the second half, speeding up in the last mile. That is trying to learn how I should do in races, not like I did in Olomouc... You can see the Nike splits table bellow, since my Garmin was set to 0.25 mile laps, so it is too many laps to orient in :) The route is usually very crowded, not today in the rainy rainy day which was pretty good. The first half of my run felt easy and bit long, the second half was also pretty easy and ran by faster than I expected. I had perfect timing, since the OK rain went in pouring dogs and cats just as I got back in my car.

Hmm ... 2:1 and 3:2 in the fourth set for Djokovic, we'll see how that goes. Have a great rest of Sunday, watching the finals and then relax in sauna. Did I mention how important getting enough rest and relax is for your training? I will definitely talk about this in some of my future posts. Stay tuned, sign up for email updates or RSS feeds or leave a comment, tell me about your story or send me a link to your blog! And just keep running and listen to your body.
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