Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm soo STUPID

Don't forget your own advice - your body will remind you anyway ...

This is just a quick post to remind myself of how stupid I can be not behaving according to my own advice. As you might know from my previous post (Time for changes) I am very excited about my new cooperation with The Coach. I get a "micro-cycles" that consist of 7 training sessions with given pace and distance and I do these on my own together with a given warm up and pre-run exercises. I also have one training session per week with The Coach himself. 

Heading off on Monday morning for the next pretty hard workout (pretty hard = fast pace for way longer than I feel comfortable), I did my warm up mile and the pre-run routine. Just after 2 km of my 6 km training I realized that I am totally not gonna be able to finish at the fast pace. So I let go and jogged slowly towards my car upset about the unsuccessful training. And then I realized the crazy fact - I trained all the past eight days including Friday with morning lactate threshold testing and evening fast run. What the hell was I thinking??? Being used to go 3 days running - 1 day off - 2 days running - 1 day off and so on and what is more just recovered from the mystery attack on my immune system. SOO STUPID!!!

I was getting ready to share the story of my stupidity with The Coach at today's training. Yet, did I receive reply from him to my email bragging about how the first training cycle went and that I finished it on Sunday. The Coach is a wise man who know what he is doing. His email telling me that I am a fighter and I want to be good, but that I also have to give my body some rest time to time ... here we go. The thing I tend to repeat to all my friends who are seeking for an advice on exercise, weight loss and / or running. And I forgot about it myself. I hope I will remember this lesson well. And maybe this screaming out to the dark might remind some of you with the same crazy nature as I am to take some rest to recover. 

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