Saturday, July 02, 2011

Summary of June training

I guess, with the more serious training approach, it might be useful to share some of my training details. My mileage is increasing and I have the usual doubts ... should I increase it even significantly more? In order to clear out some things I did two steps forward. Ordered myself to get tested for the lactate threshold etc., next available slot July 15, so I will have more knowledge about my zones and at which heart rates I should do my workouts. And step two, I emailed a running coach that my friend recommended to me. We'll see how it goes. Letting someone else decide how should I run :)

So here is the summary of my June activities: 21 runs with total of 120.73 miles and average pace 8:51 min/mile. Apart from that I played squash each week with my dad and this Wednesday my first swimming session. I am not sure about mentioning this before, but I am thinking about trying out triatlon. I can do some pretty OK cycling, I can swim, but not really long distance sustainable swim at some reasonable pace. So my first lesson went pretty cool. My crawl-stroke style was pretty much off. First improvement step was my leg style, I should go and practice it. And I also have a road bike borrowed to see how that goes (before I buy one, because who knows if I'm gonna like that, I have always been a mountain bike off road kind of girl).

Back to June training summary. You can find bellow the monthly summaries from Nike+ from March until June (you might need to click on the images to see them in the original size, so they are readable). Drop out at the beginning of April is the after race (Prague half-marathon) recovery together with the new job time schedule adjustment period. I can say that I have done all my scheduled trainings ever since. Changed the schedule sometimes in order to fit in some races, but the total mileage was as previewed :)

Stay tuned, sign up for email updates or RSS feeds or leave a comment, tell me about your story or send me a link to your blog! And just keep running and listen to your body ... and don't forget to feed your body well. Nice photo of my fueling healthy lunch, yummy!


  1. :) testing of yourself will get you too much new inspiration and energy - it´s next step forward, if you want to compete in any sport seriously - i did it same way... and for second - anybody who can tell you something about your run, bike, swim etc. will move you step forward.. That´s right way! Good luck! By the way, healthy lunch looks really awesome! (and please, excuse my terrible english... but, when I´ll leave regularly some comment on your blog, may be it´ll be much better :)))) )

  2. @Secan ... thanks for the comment, I exactly hope for that positive outcome of the testing and meeting with coach. Although I do not feel any lack of motivation right now. And for the English thing - you can totally leave comments in Czech and I can answer you in Czech or English, as you wish. But if you take this as an English exercise, I will be glad to help :)