Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Foodie On The Run

I figured out that it has been some time that I have been writing about one of my two biggest addictions - the great food (the other one being exercising and getting sweaty :) ). OK, I might have posted the Wonder Cake photo Wordless Wednesday post, but that was wordless, so doesn't count. Fueling your body properly when exercising lot is crucial and since I love great food and I love cooking it, my dream came true in the beautiful balance. The runners body needs quite some portions of great and nutritious food in order to stay healthy, efficient and rebuild the muscles after the hard work. My recovery running isn't that interesting, so I decided to share some of the delicacies I spoil myself with. Open the post for the photos.

Two tiny burgers with fresh beans with some bits of bacon and olive oil

Grilled zucchini and hokkaido pumpkin with polenta fried on olive oil,
covered with cheese to melt - grilled hokkaido with some fresh pepper 

and salt is heavenly!

There is cous-cous below the chilli con carne (boiling rice would have taken 
too long, I was too hungry), since next day was day off 
I spoiled myself with Corona to make the Mexican experience complete

Home baked bread - it's pretty easy with the machine, the right recipe and 
the right ingredients I love that I know what is actually in my bread 
and that dark color of bread is made by the whole grain flour and not caramel 
like it is for some store bought "dark" breads

My latest dessert addiction - what you cannot see is the plain white yoghurt bellow 
that makes the main part of the dessert, add any kind of seasonal fresh fruits, 
different kinds of nuts, if I want to really spoil myself I add also raisins, 
finally I add cinnamon - it speeds up your metabolism

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  1. Asi musím jít spát, protože Ty jsi mi tak navnadila chuťové buňky, že z toho mám hlad :)))

  2. Jo, jo, sobě taky, naštěstí už jsem byla líná z té postele vylézt :D