Friday, August 12, 2011

Involuntary start of triathlon training - I am addicted!

As you might have read in the Saturday crazy upset yet I hope inspiring post, my ankle or a ligament or what it is inside my ankle started hurting. After a tough internal fight I quit my training on Saturday and was resting until Tuesday. The addiction made me start my triathlon training and also made me conscious about the fact that I am totally addicted. What's my addiction?

Triathlon? No, not really or not yet. I'm official addicted to physical endurance activities - e.g. sports and the feelings that come with them. The hard times, the faster breathing, higher heart rate, sweat ... I just love working out. The three days of doing nothing at the beginning of the past week made me really crazy. I was putting different products on the ankle, giving it one hour of warm onion in plastic and warm cover to get out whatever was in (see the photos - The Coach advised me on this). 

On my usual Tuesday training with The Coach, we did lot of yoga and stretching, than I tried to jog and still couldn't :( Or there was a possibility, but over pain in each step. My pain threshold is truly high, so doing anything over actual annoying pain is believe not good for my body even if I am able of doing it. So we went back to do some strength training for my core muscles. I got an appointment with the MD who operated on my knee 8 years ago and we agreed with The Coach that I can do whichever pain free activity I want.

At the same time, I got into a great blogger pact with Jitka and s0cketka (two Czech girl bloggers) and we made a deal of going for a triathlon in 2012 season. My original plan was to include some swimming in my marathon training and start with bike after my first marathon. Anything else felt like head over feet. But my right ankle changed my plans. As the second phase of my Tuesday training, I took out my beautiful yet recently unused mountain bike and spent quite long time inflating the tires. 

On Wednesday, I was already going absolutely crazy about not getting any serious workouts, so I went for my first ride. Almost an hour, almost 16 km, I really enjoyed it! Yep, endorphines kicked in and I felt so good. Addiction officially admitted. I strongly believe working out addiction is a positive thing and I hope it will stick with me for long. After the bike ride, the ankle actually felt better than before. It was like if the increased blood circulation speeded up of my ankle getting better. 

Thursday morning was the MD appointment. I already felt better, but in the morning the ankle was sore after not moving all night which got always better during the day. The MD said that there is no serious inflammation and nothing is torn and nothing is wrong. It's just the matter of increased mileage and change of form to which I need to adjust. I should ice my ankle after the running workouts and apply anti inflammation cream at night. But I am cleared for working out, running and anything. I am so excited!!!

We agreed with The Coach that we will take it slower and will include more cross training, some bike, swim and lots of yoga stretching and strength training. I kept it to the bike on Thursday - slightly over an hour, quite some hills, 21 km (here is the Garmin activity). I did not realize that with the lost fat, my butt will hurt way more from my racing kind hard saddle. I was so looking forward to my runs! I felt urge talking to every runner I met on the way, I know being jealous is not good, but I was about them running and me not. I hope you will forgive me. 

Recent development as of Friday. I went for an easy run in the morning, it wasn't pain free, but it felt good. It actually felt great, awesome, relieving ... all kinds of things. I was so happy to be running again. Hello, my name is Barbora and I am a running addict.


  1. I sent a warning message to s0cketka before her first triathlon race. I told her, that triathlon is very dangerous addiction. And now, there is new girl on the block. Be welcomed into our club of triathlon junkies :-)

  2. Ještě jsem se k závislosti nepropracovala, ale doufám, že to přijde brzy - moc se na to těším... :-D Jinak to kole je super, já taky začala jezdit a jsem nadšená... :-) Máš i silničku?

  3. Renda: Thanks for the welcome!!! All the winter training yet to be accomplished and we'll see. We're gonna have some fun :-)

    Jituš: Neboj, to trvá ... u mě cca 2 roky, ale o to je pak závislost silnější :) Silničku zatím bohužel nemám, pořídím až najaře. Teď je nějak hodně jiných výdajů a ta tiskárna na peníze ještě není úplně funkční :D :D :D

  4. Tak až bude funkční, tak mi prosím dej vědět, taky bych si něco vytiskla. :-D :-D