Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Post workout/sauna snack :)

OK, so I was too tired and overwhelmed by the deliciousness to post this directly yesterday. I had some comments of  not eating enough. Trust me, I do eat enough, I love good food and I am getting overwhelmed by how much I need to eat as my body requires more and more with the intensity of training increasing. I am also testing out something called metabolic efficiency right now, but stay tuned for outcomes, I am at the beginning, so we will so how that one goes. Open the post for quick simple recipes.

Recipe No. I - Kale, tuna & avocado salad
Kale cut to pieces roasted on a pan on olive oil, add tuna fish in olive oil (80 g can for me) and half of avocado ... yes, I ate all of that at 11 pm just before going to bed and felt great  - after easy recovery run in the evening and sauna to relax my sore muscles it was perfect meal. My taste buds went crazy in love with the salad :)

Recipe No. II - my usual breakfast these days
250 g of cottage cheese (for Czech readers not really cottage, but "tvaroh"), 3 peaches, 250 g raspberries, full tablespoon of organic almond butter (bought it first time yesterday, became totally addicted - way tastier than peanut butter!). YUM! ... made the breakfast the night before so I can fit in the longer training in the morning and still eat well.

Any tips for delicious pre-workout or post-workout meals?


  1. Hi Barborka, I have one simple recipe, but some people say "Yuk!" when they see it. :)

    tahini and banana

    Process banana and tahini with fork in small bowl and let "mature" till morning. Then eat. Raisins can be added but I consider it sweet anough even with them. More things can be added, but you can try by yourself. I like hemp seed.

    Enjoy! (or "Yuk" :-))

  2. I would say YUM! Based on the fact that I love bananas and love tahini :D Thank you for the recipe ... and as said, I can only recommend almond butter ... basically, it's tahini made of almonds and not sesame.

  3. Pre-workout baštu asi nemam zadnou. Jezdim na med :-)) Post-workout - celozrnné pečivo s arašídovým máslem; milk shake - almondove mleko, banan; čočka s tuňákem (z konzervy, nejraději Rio Mare salaty se zeleninou)... tak tot asi vse :-) Mandlové máslo? to musim zkusit! :-) Yum!!!

  4. Blondýna: Tahini s medem je taky bezva bašta, ale kila jdou nahoru jako sviňa. :)

    Barborka: Your running playlist is similar to mine. I definitely recommend these songs:

    No Limit - Unlimited
    prostyje dvizenia - Tatu
    Du Hast - Rammstein
    Rob Zombie - Dragula

    I've been reading your blog for some time because I'm interested in minimalism too(in running, recipes and owning) and your last post (Science Behind the Running (Lactate Threshold etc.)) looks pretty cool. I'll read it thoroughly tomorow.

    BTW: There are more simple recipes (all raw vegan) on my old "dead" juggling page

    Sorry for OT. :)

  5. Avid: Thanks for the great tips! The raw recipes seem to be bit too much for me, but will give try at least to some of them :-) And I need to check on your blog!