Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Summary of July training

As you might have read, July was a month of changes for me, especially concerning my first marathon training. The most important change being the fact that my training is now professionally set up and supervised by The Coach. Even though I fought with some crazy attack on my immune system the first week of July, the total mileage increased in comparison to June (18 miles more, total 139 miles in July). My running schedule also significantly changed. How exactly? 

I used to run five days out of seven with typically Monday and Friday being rest days. Now I run seven days in the row, which equals one training mini-cycle defined by The Coach, followed one day of the rest. On Tuesdays when I have a training with The Coach (that is always tough tough tough), I am now including also the evening run according to my plan, so I actually do two runs that day. I was really tired the first two weeks, but it's getting better. Apart from running, I played squash with my dad four times, did 18-hole golf course three times and went to sauna three times. I need to include more sauna for my recovery. I am now in the middle of a series of special massage to speed up my lymphatic system, can only recommend (for those living in the Czech Republic link for the lymph massage).

We are slightly increasing speed in the next mini-cycle and adding some more mileage. This is pretty much in contrary with what I have been telling you in my post about starting slow. I truly believe in what I have written. What we do here with The Coach is under careful observation and we adjust everything to my actual feelings and to the ways my body responds to the training. So don't try this without supervision! Not to forget that after this mini-cycle, there will be recovery week. Last but not least, I crossed the 2 500 km mark for my running total since May 2009 and I also outran year 2010.

The long run on July 3 is still from the BC era (Before Coach),
you can see that my runs are now shorter (not for much longer though) and more frequent.
Adding the June workout scheme so you can compare.
2011 overall so far.
Different view on my July training from Garmin Connect - my Garmin profile.


  1. pres 200K mesicne.. fiha. Davas si dobre :-)

  2. A bude hůř! Dneska mi trenér vysvětloval, že když mám psa, tak mi dvoufázový trénink vlastně nezkomplikuje vůbec život :) ... měla bych k tomu dát velký titulek "SAMI DOMA NEZKOUŠEJTE" :-)