Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Things Thursday

This post could be as well called Three Things Scratches Thursday, since that's exactly how many I got when I fell down during my today's run. But don't worry, I am alive and ready to rock on as a crazy hot pink runner reporting the ups and downs of my marathon training. And trust me I got some funny stories for you today :)

1. I am truly grateful for having enough strength for getting straight up and continuing at the given pace when I fell down during one of my today's intervals. I don't know what happened, I guess it might have been some problem of running with my sun glasses on through a shadowy forestry part of the park. I must have overseen some root or stone on the way and stumbled. I tried to balance out which luckily slowed down the fall and instinctively got in a parachute style roll dismount :D So no arms or legs injured, just exactly three scratches on my right knee, right wrist and left hand palm (you can't even see them on the photos bellow, so no big deal). Did I mention that this was before I reached half of my training, so I continued with the dirt sticking on my sweaty body covering most of my right side. Apparently great source of attention and not only the dirt...


2. HEAT ... that's all most folks in Czech Republic would talk about right now. Few weeks ago we were complaining about cold summer and now the complains go towards the unsupportable heat. Heat makes the training especially at faster paces quite challenging. As a result I finished soaking wet as can be seen on the super-sweaty photo from my car after run.

3. In order to avoid it at least a bit, I went for my run in a running bra/top instead of my usual t-shirt. I was already wearing my CEP compression socks for support through hard workout so I didn't want to have any unnecessary parts covered. Together with the cool running skirt, the socks in hot pink and my hot pink Nike Frees it made quite an awesome picture! Forgot to mention the pink Fuel Belt I was carrying to get my hydration in the extreme heat. I haven't run in a running bra/top since the summer in New York City I guess. Didn't have any problems of running in such tops there, but Prague is still quite a different place. You know, my opinion is when you can get the stuff with the proper and best features in a design you like, why buy something you don't like. So I run in different hot pink equipment, use compression socks, have running skirt. I know these are pretty ordinary things for some of you, but not to most Prague / Czech Republic citizens. Honestly, I don't care, times are changing my dear co-citizens. I am one crazy hot pink runner and Prague will have to get used to it! :)

Do you get weird looks because of your running gear / style / training methods etc.? Do your workout clothes tend to be all styled towards one favorite color?


  1. Ta fotka z auta je dobrá ... Ty chodíš běhat namalovaná :)))?

  2. To musel bejt "hezkej tygr" :) Tak hlavně že se nic horšího nestalo :)

  3. jezis. teda ty si vybiras... Ja byla vcera schopna jit az po setmeni.. Fuj to jsou hice :-)

  4. Andrea: děkuji :) nemaluji se cíleně před běhání, ale taky když příjdu z práce a chci hned rychle vyrazit, tak se neodličuju - proto nosím ty sluneční brýle a házím tygry :)

    Secan: Jo, jo, nejvtipnější bylo, že jak jsem se zvedala, tak jsem viděla, že za mnou o kus dál běží nějakej týpek a celý to sledoval ... naštěstí jsem měla rychlejší tempo, tak mě nedoběhl, ale musel si myslet svoje :D

    Blondýna: snad po víkendu už bude líp ... dneska ráno ale bylo úžasně!

  5. Rano bylo fajn. Jenze nez jsem dobehla, tak uz zase vedricko /ale proti tomu, jak je ted to byla sibir/ :-)

  6. To musel být super pohled :-D:-) Tak hlavně, že se ti "nic" nestalo. Bojím se občas jízdy na kole, jak je člověk přikurtovanej k těm nášlapům, ale pády na běhu nejsou tak obvyklé... ;-) Tak co nejmíň pádů a ať to zase běhá... ;-) Jinak, pink forever :-D