Thursday, September 08, 2011

2009 outrun ... 2011 becoming my best running year!

Being running stats freak I almost forgot to share the great news! With this Monday's run, I have overpassed total mileage of 2009 that had been my best running year concerning mileage so far. Let's see how the mileage will be at the end of 2011. To be fair towards 2009, I only started in May, so basically it is eight months so the mileage is more or less same as the past eight months of 2011 :) Recap of all my three official running years in Nike+ screen shots follows. How it all began?


  1. wow!!!! veeeeelka gratulace! jen tak dal.

  2. Dííík, nechci nic předjímat, ale vypadá to, že dopadne New York, New York! Tak budu muset teď tak měsíc a půl pořádně zabrat :)

  3. wow. Tak to je mega super zprava. Snad se tam jednou i ja podivam na nejaky bezecky podnik... :-)