Thursday, September 29, 2011

Early start of the swimming season

As you might know, I would like to try my first triathlon next season. Actually it's a deal with Jitka and Martina, so I am doing my first triathlon next season is better wording. But now I am training for my first marathon in NYC on November 6 which is in a month and a week and is freaking me out. I would be freaking out if everything went normal, but now I cannot run :( My left calf is hurting. After including cycling in my training in August because of the right ankle, now it's the left calf and here comes the "swim" from the swim-bike-run triade. 

I think I need these for my future training :)
Any other suggestion for hot pink
swimming gear? :)
The Coach suggested swimming to get some water stretching and release of the tightness for the muscle. Thank you, my dear Coach, you know I love you, but I love you know even more for making me go swimming. I don't get the same "high" from the bike as I do from running. But swimming, that's a different thing. The high is very close to the one I experience while running. Went to the swimming pool on Tuesday, I think my last time in a pool was in March while actually staying in the NYC :) So on Tuesday, I simply did 1 000 m changing crawl and breast stroke. And the calf felt so much better afterwards! Today morning 1 250 m and feeling way better after the leg being sore first thing in the morning, it improved like zillion times after the swim. New order from The Coach:  take the planned distance of the run, divide by 5 and the result is the distance I should swim as "equal" effort. Wish me luck, according to this, I should do 2.4 km tomorrow morning. I'm not sure I'll be able to do that in one hour that is open for public :o Will keep you posted.

Good night and good luck!

Bonus ... from tonight's challenge game pre-NHL start Sparta Praha vs. NY Rangers. I come from Prague but was wearing Rangers' t-shirt. Let's go RANGERS! (2:0 for Rangers)


  1. I guess the swimming dress would make a great combo with this: :-D :-D

  2. WOOOW, I love those!!! :D :D :D Can I use them in a race? I guess not yep ... blond girl question :)

  3. cerna a ruzova je moje nejoblibenejsi kombinace :-P

  4. To je mi ale překvapení! :D :D :D

  5. Here is something in pink
    or maybe this one ? :-D ?


  6. Baru? copak je s Tebou? Jsi ok?

  7. Cestování plus trošku rýmička, plus pořád ještě neběhám, tak motivace maličko chybí, ale už sepisuju :)

  8. Michal, thanx for the tip, both looking great, I know what my next hot pink purchase is going to be :)