Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Left Calf

As I mentioned in my Travel Running post, my calf (left this time) has been sore for few days and kicked me again from my training regimen :( I knew running the race in Vienna on it wasn't ideal but did not seem that bad. Add the hard workout two days after and here we go (that was last Tuesday). The Coach told me to take one or two days off if I don't feel recovered. Last Wednesday's plan were two easy 5 milers (8 km) - morning and evening. I suffered a bit to get myself on a move in the morning, but it went fine afterwards. Same for the dreadmill in Munich (or at its suburbs). Next morning - not that good any more ;( . 

Yes, I look ALMOST as professional when I swim :D
So I took Thursday and Friday off, did some bike rides on Saturday and Sunday together with strength training. Extremely easy jog on Monday, just 2.5 miles almost at walking speed. Good think - did not get worse. 1 km of swim yesterday evening. And a very hard circuit strength training with The Coach today. Apart from the training, I am adding lot of recovery gels, salty feet baths, saunas etc. I am virtually doing anything that could help together with lots of praying. As I love you, my dearest readers, so much, I am sorry for not posting that much. Hope you can understand now, I don't like sharing upset moods. But now the sunshine is here and I am definitely feeling some slight improvement. Please pray with me!

The fact that the NYC marathon is coming in little over a month does not help to ease my thoughts, but I try to stay positive and motivated. I have been training since May, so I hope these efforts will pay off. As you might already know, I am running the NYC marathon for the Team Hole in the Wall, please check out my fundraising page and help me help the kids!


  1. jak ja ti rozumim... fakt drzim palce, co to jde. a docela jsi me povzbudila, ze jsi na tom podobne (nade mnou alespon nevisi maraton) a jsi optimista, snazis se regenerovat, proste delas, co je potreba. tak to ma byt!

  2. Dík moc za podporu! Dneska ráno žádné velké nadšení, ale snad to lýtko rozplavu ... Přijde mi to trochu "jeden krok vpřed, dva kroky zpátky", ale snad se to poddá :)

  3. Vydrzat.... :-) Jsi zodpovedna a davas svemu telu o co si rekne.... vic uz snad ani udelat nejde. Budu na Tebe myslet!!

  4. Blondýna: Kdybych byla zodpovědná, tak jsem to minulou středu ráno zabalila a nedala těch 2x 8 km. Myslím, že už by mi teď bylo líp, ale co se dá dělat. Chybami se člověk učí, že :)

    Ranní plavání naštěstí vyplavilo nějaké ty endorfiny :) Ale máš pravdu, ty Radlice tedy fakt nic moc. Dík za podporu!!!

  5. No... musime najit nejaky hezci bazenek... kdyz na neco narazis, dej vedet! A drz se!

  6. Zítra ráno jdu testovat Strahov, tak dám vědět :)