Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reebok Women's Run Wien - preview

Just a sneak preview of really cool Saturday happening race in Wien. Put together by Leona, together with Martina, Jitka and few other amazing and brave running queens from the Czech Republic we enjoyed being part of the race. Most of the Czech crew competed in the 5 km race and represented greatly with little flags on the cheeks or shoulders. As it was more happening than tough race I found myself surprisingly among the top 10 in the 8 km race. I am so excited!!! Tough work pays off. Race recap and photos will follow tomorrow!


  1. Jen škoda, že si nemohla na víc dní, bylo to super. A ještě jednou velká gratulace! :-)

  2. tyyyjo. Krasny tricka! Tesim se na rekapitulaci... :-)

  3. Jo, jo, bylo to super, makám na tom článku ... :-)