Monday, September 05, 2011

Summary of August Training

With all the pre-race nerves and after Nike Run Prague excitement, I almost forgot to recap how the training for my first marathon went in August. The beginning of the month was dark as I had problems with ligament in my right ankle and had to take it easy to recover. But I tried to make the best out of it from the first moments (OK, first I wanted to cry, but from the second moment :) ). I also did some shopping for my first running skirt and cute CEP compression socks. Keep on reading for details of my training.

The stats are lower than in June and July as I logged way fewer runs as you can see - only 18 opposed to 26 in July and 21 in June with total of 139 miles in July and 121 miles in June, August totalled only 106 miles (= 171 km). I added some biking in order to get some endurance workouts while I couldn't run, total of 83 miles (= 134 km). The main success is that the ankle ligaments feel great and I am feeling pretty strong after the running workouts at the beach volleybal courts and all the strength training I have been doing with The Coach (total of 5 sessions in August). For the extras I played squash 3 times, played 18 holes of golf 5 times, went to sauna one or twice and added barefoot recovery walks in the grass after most of the workouts. The Nike Run Prague result shows the hard work seems to be paying off. August wasn't that bad month as it seemed at the beginning. Learned a lesson that I need to listen to my body and follow my own advice on taking it slow. Let's kick some ass in September!

How did your workout go in August? Any special plans for September? Tell me, I am curious :)


  1. Hi Barborka, you promised the review of CEP socks. Are they already thoroughly tested? :)

  2. I started writing it yesterday, so will post it soon :) Sneaky preview: as you might see from the training results, I'm really happy about them.