Saturday, October 29, 2011

Back to The CITY

Vacation started! Two weeks off, I am so excited. I know not everyone dreams of running a marathon while having vacation, but I am loving it. And two weeks in my second favorite city in the world - New York City, here I am. In order to fasten the time zone switch I did not go to bed on Thursday night and was packing and getting everything ready all the night instead of sleeping. My flight was at noon and I started sleeping before the plane even took off :) Then some bad catering, more sleep and here I was in the JFK, shortly slowly moving through the Friday traffic towards Manhattan.

I did not fly in on the Air France biggest plane in the world, but we hade the occasion to see it rolling on the runway - very cool. Found my friend's place easily, little unpacking, shower and off to the first Friday night in the City after really long time. While walking to the Cercle Rouge when my "landlady" of the following two weeks works. It is a great French restaurant and a bar, can only recommend it! I was feeling the left calf getting sore while walking the mile to the restaurant (in the high heels, OK I know, The Coach wouldn't approve). So I took a cab to the Czech National Hall for the party of the anniversary of the establishment of the Czechoslovakia. The party went great, I came back home after 1 am, so pretty cool for the fact that I just flew in. If you are asking about my marathon preparation - I only had one small beer and one half-glass of wine. And I am not staying out late for all the future nights before the marathon, so no big fun with me this week ... wait for the next! :D :D :D

The culture of airplane food is not great ... and I did NOT eat the Mars ice cream
(sorry Janae, I know that is a horrible sin :) )

And guess what? It is snowing in The City today!!! Can you believe it? I came in here to run the marathon, I was supposed to go for an easy jog today, so I am definitely doing it on a treadmill instead. I am so excited about being back in the NEW YORK CITY, I have only came once in March of this year since the summer of 2009 when I lived here for 3 and half months. Honestly, I am too overwhelmed now to describe everything I guess. But I love riding the Yellow Cabs, walking many blocks, getting the morning coffee at Dunkin Donuts :) And definitely shopping at Victoria's Secret this afternoon :) Stay tuned for more news, when it's not dark and snowy/rainy as today, I promis some nice photos as well. I took my DSLR with me to get back into the photography thing again while I am on vacation.

What is your weekend workout?
I am running an easy 3 miler (5 km) today and easy 10 miler (16 km) tomorrow

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  1. wow! krasny cist, jak je Ti dobre... uz sis to zaslouzila! S Deltou jsme leteli loni taky...a... no ja tu zmrzku teda dala :-)) Obdivuju Te, ze ses rozhodla pro prvni maraton prave v tak chladnem pocasi! Muj /prodlouzeny/ vikendovy trenink zatim v patek 9-K lehce a dnes 10-K s tim, ze posledni kilacek rychleji /finish/. Ladim formu na posledni letosni zavod... /10-K/. Mej se krasne a uzivej si svou zaslouzenou dovcu!! Ruzova forever! :-))

  2. Hezky se to cte. tesim se na dalsi prispevky, jsem uplne napjata :)

  3. Právě jsem koukala na zprávy, že v NY sněží a že jsou tam nějaké komplikace :-( Ale bude líp :-) Hlavně si to užívej ... ;-)

  4. Well, you would not belive, but I almost always experience a blizzard when crossing the Atlantic:). Next week in Phili!!! Will keep all my fingers crossed!!! Cheers, 12:)

  5. Barborko, také se těším na další příspěvky ... hlavně pak na fotečky :)! Myslím na Tebe!!! ... snad si zvládneme i zavolat :).

  6. Blondýna: to jsi šikulka, vypadá to na další letošní osobáček :)

    s0c: je to fuška, nestíhám to sepisovat, takových zážitků ... měj se krásně!

    Jituš: už je to dobrý, už svítí sluníčko, no a snad bude doufám kolem 10 stupňů v neděli, abych u toho běhání ještě neomrzla :D

    12: Did YOU bring the storm?? :) :) :) It's way better now!

    Andrea: díky, díky, super fotečky budou snad ze včerejška, jenom ty dny by potřebovaly být nafukovací :) Už máš skype?