Monday, October 31, 2011

First day in The City

Saturday was my first official full day in New York City. Since it was snowing as I wrote in my Saturday's post we stayed in most of the day with my friend Lada. Since we were flatmates the whole summer of 2009 and only have seen each other for few times since then, we have lot of caching up to do :) When Lada left for work I went for my easy after travel recovery jog on a treadmill (thank God for the in house gyms!). WARNING: From now on this might get little too girly for the guys, so continue reading only at your own risk!

After the easy treadmill jog (just a 3.3 miles = around 5 km) I finally got ready to leave the appartement for crucial measuring and shopping. Measuring what? I love wearing Victoria's Secret lingerie and I always buy some when I am in the US. But all of those became all too big for me as the marathon training proceeded. I like loosing clothing sizes, but the bra size diminishes faster and more :( Anyway, I love the VS service and after like trillion hours at the shop I finally left with my own pink striped bag.

I walked the few blocks to the Cercle Rouge restaurant where my friend Lada works. It was still snowing!!! Cecle Rouge is a great French bistro, so I got a Soupe à l'ognion, moules - frites (mussels with French price) - in the appetizer size though. And finally the Chef himself came out the kitchen and virtually forced the great dessert onto me. I was so glad for my 10 miler planned for Sunday morning. 

Stay tuned for more posts, I already have plenty of photos and experiences to post, but my eyes are too tired. Good night here in US, good morning Europe! :)

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