Friday, October 07, 2011

Skiing & Boating mini-vacation

My dearest readers, I am alive and reporting back to duty. I want to be honest with you, because I value you highly, this autumn thing is getting to me. Which would be OK, if my A race of the season was not approaching with mile steps. I do not know if you guessed, but I really have trouble posting when I am not on my positive wave. With winter and rain and less sunshine I might get more in those moods, so I promise to work on myself to be ready to post and not push you guys in my crazy mood swings. Being now on my improvement list, let's get back to the important things. What was I up to last week?

I was travelling again, enjoying great experiences and taking photos of some, so I can share them with you. I was accompanying a great friend on a small road trip through Europe. The original plan and target was 51 Salone Nautico = 51st Genoa Boat Show. Cca 1 100 km drive. My great friend had a perfect idea that some Austrian glaciers are right on the way. I checked them up and the "Stubaier Gletcher" that lies only about 20 km from the highway to Brenner opened the weekend before our road trip. Great great girls only road trip - two days skiing, two days at the boat show in Italy. Training update follows after the first portion of photos:

Proper fueling for afternoon after-skiing swim!

Being close to Italy means great coffee :)

Käsespätzle ... a must when skiing in Tirol!

Breakfast with fresh bread!

Don't worry, there was snow up on the glacier :)
The salad mountain inspired by the Hungry Runner Girl!
Janae, I hope you are proud of me :)

The hidden gem on our way to Genova

How did my training go through these days? My left calf, or more precisely inner left calf and/or shin, still hurts, so I am on for cross training. Friday morning 1.6 km swimming - enjoyed a lot, but what about the hunger afterwards?!?! Saturday first skiing of the season. We did not take it too hard, so I was up for swimming afterwards (swimming pool entry fee included in the bargain accommodation price of 25 eur/person/night). Did "only" approx. 900 meters, since the water was too warm, kids too loud and swimming pool too short :) But OK to allow me for the big portion of the käsespätzle (typical gnocchi with cheese from Tirol) and radler (beer with lemonade) afterwards. Yay! More intense skiing for the Sunday workout as we headed to Genova afterwards. Managed to find hidden gem in a village road side restaurant, very affordable, extremely delicious food from great fresh ingredients (photos above).

We were staying at bit outdated Sheraton in Genova for the two nights after, which ment gym available 24h and also very decent breakfasts. I got up just after 5:30 am on Monday with the longish workout at my mind. Needed to get some food in first for the almost 2 hour workout planned. Fortunately the breakfast at the airport hotels starts soon, anyway I got some weird looks when waiting at 6am in front of the breakfast room in my workout clothes. Italians are definitely not used to this. Was very happy with the workout - 60 minutes stationary bike and 45 minutes uphill fast walk on the treadmill. Only survived the 60 minute stationary bike because of the magazine I read cover to cover :D The walk was better, watching Sex and the City (the movie) for billionth time over again. 

The calf did OK on the treadmill, was not getting worse which I take as an important sign. Surely, two day walking all around exhibition center and the port did not really help, but still, not getting worse. Monday evening was bit longer so I squeezed in only short workout of 30 minutes bike and strength training on Tuesday morning. And we headed back for the 11 hour drive.

Pre-workout breakfast - don't worry,
much bigger breakfast followed the long workout :D

Salone Nautico Internazionale - here we come!

Even though I am all about sailing boats, this 58 feet baby was pretty cute 

Special for my blond friend

Before ...

... after - delicious! :)


  1. Barborko, teď mi to teprve došlo ... Eva také lyžovala? Nebála se? ... Jinak zažeň chmury, bude líp! O víkendu relaxuj a odpočívej ;).

  2. Jo, jo, byla to na nějakou dobu "poslední šance" a já jsem byla jako dozor a pečovatelka :) Jezdila docela opatrně, takže v pohodě ...

  3. Veřejně přiznávám, že závidím :-D Super to muselo být :-)

  4. :D jo, jo, super to bylo! Podnikneme někdy výlet na hory? ;)

  5. wow! bala jsem se, ze mas trochu... depku... doufam ze se Ti vylet libil! Vypada to skvele!!!!!! A diky za colu :))) Take it easy... a relaaaaaax :-)

  6. Bara: Jela bych - jezdíme s Ondrou často. On jezdí výborně a já dostatečně, ale baví nás to :-) Tak něco naplánujeme :-) Ale určitě zahraničí - v Čechách to není takovej zážitek :-)

  7. Blondýna: No trošku depku jsem měla, ale už je to zase všechno v pohodě!!! :)

    Jituš: no to je jasný, platit v ČR za permice je nesmysl ... Uvidím, jak to bude letos vycházet finančně, ale určitě se chystám někam vyrazit :) Dost jsem si teď oblíbila Süd Tirol v Itálii hned za Brennerem.

  8. to jsem mooooc rada! vitej zpet :-)