Sunday, October 23, 2011

Two weeks to go - The last long run

Once again I am shouting out loud I am back on track! Warning: do not apply this unless supervised by a professional coach with proper understanding of your current situation. The NYC marathon is exactly two weeks from now, so today was my last chance for a long run. As you know first my right ankle was troubling me in August and then the left calf / shin in September. I managed to get back to running exactly ten days ago. And since that moment, I have been running every other day, combined with cross training (mainly swimming and strength training with The Coach). I started with an easy 3 miler (5 km) and increased the distance with every run, also increased pace for some of the runs. Even though I included a crazy cross training workout two weeks ago in order to simulate a really long run, nothing can compare to a real long run.

19 km (11.81 miles) run was planned for me today, but since that's not even half the distance I am racing in exactly two weeks from now, while running I decided to go even further. I did 14.4 miles (23 km) and felt great - given the fact that I ran 10 miler (16 km) on Friday and swam 1.4 km (1,531 yards) yesterday, I was quite happy with the final 9:03 min/mile pace (5:37 min/km). When I started working with The Coach, we both hoped for totally different long run distance achieved in the final stages of my training (certainly over 20 miles), but the body did not like our plan. I needed to increase the distance from the original plan in order to support my head in believing that I can do this. With all the hard work and the cross training, cardio and strength training, I will be there, two weeks from now, 5 NYC neighborhoods, 26.2 miles!

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As said above - don't try this unless supervised by professional coach.
Don't forget that I have been cross training at least 5 days a week all the time!


  1. Hi Barborka, long runs are crucial, but they can be as long as 25km. Longer are usualy recommended but if you are well trained runner and have run more not-so-long runs, it should be ok.

    And don't be afraid of the "wall" on the 30th km. It's a myth for scaring unprepared beginners which you are not. :-)

  2. Well, we all know that at the end you will do it!!! but enjoy the way to the very end! my fingers are crossed, as usual, it seems to me that I will be at same side of the Atlantic!:). Cheers, 12:)

  3. Advid: Thank you for the support! Yesterday's run was crucial for me in order to know that I can do it! :) I am getting so excited now ... And looking forward to read your race report on my way to work - congrats on the PR!!!

    12HonzaDe: Any chance of passing through NYC??? :) I am staying from Oct 28 to Nov 12 :) Thank you for the support, it means a lot!

  4. I should be in town of brotherly love :), i.e., Philadelphia between 5-8 of November, but I am afraid I cannot leave the town:(. I will definitely follow the marathon and in the spirit:) suport you! Enjoy it! 12:)

  5. Gratuluju, jde ti to perfektně :-) Jen tak dál a budu na tebe moc myslet. ;-)

  6. Taky bud držet pěsti. Nebojím se, že bys to nezaběhla!

  7. Barunko, chladnou hlavu, jsi pripravena a skvela, ty to zvladnes a splnis si svuj sen. Skoda ze tam nejsem s tebou, i kdyz ??
    Sleduji te na trati a povzbuzuji Bez Bez Bez Skvele!

  8. 12: Thank you! How is Philly?

    Jituš: Dík, ještě jednou se vyspím a jde se na to.

    Pulec: Děkuju za podporu a za důvěru, když si tak čtu všechny zprávy, to by bylo, abych to s tolika lidma myslícíma na mě nezaběhla :) :)

    LB: Já vím, děkuju moc :)