Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jekyll & Hyde (Chocolate Runner Girl)

This post is a short reflection on the remarks I get from people who meet my "elegant" self and do not believe that I can actually run ... (fill in the distance up to marathon :) ). And vice versa, people who only know my "sporty" self are usually quite surprised when meeting the other one. Sorry guys, I will not fit in any box. I like being very girly and then very sporty (of course with girly pink touch!). I don't think these to must be incompatible.


OK, the apron ain't that dressy, but you can see a bit
of what I am wearing bellow plus the make-up ...

With the pastry chef ... he said he would hire me :)
I actually hand-made those!!!

3 hours later after 9 pm 5 miler

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Pink Toenail Survival

"Before" = after-marathon toenails (some of you asked after posting when I got those pink cuties done before marathon), so only one bruise on the second toe of my right foot - great result after the 26 miles + all the training miles. For Prague based girls, email me if you want contact for my pedicurist :)

"After" the well deserved care
... foot reflexology massage after your pedicure is the best!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Slowly Coming Back

(click on the picture for better resolution)
I am getting back to normal my dear readers, more posts to follow this week. As you can see from the Garmin log, I am incorporating exercise in my routine again. Switching the time zone after two weeks was not easy, but I should be fine after this weekend. My love for running only increased with my first marathon. Already planning the 2012 season! Stay tuned for more. 

How were you weekend runs and workouts? 

How long do you take off after the "A" race of your season? Happy running & training everyone!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

NYC Marathon 2011 Race Recap

Well, I know I was promising you the NYC marathon race report for exactly a week. I am sorry, I can be a very selfish blogger. Enjoying every single moment of my NYC after marathon high and vacation did not leave me with any time for blogging. I hope you will understand. Sitting on the plane back to Europe sounds like good moment to go through the race again and get my thoughts together. The first thing is that I totally relate to Christel’s experience from the Swiss Alpine Marathon. I totally enjoyed every single moment of the race and I am hooked! So hooked, you cannot imagine. For those who might have forgotten or did not get the post, my official time was 4:02:43 which I am very happy with. But let’s begin with the beginning. (Warning: this might get long!)

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Lake George

OK, OK, this is not really running post, this is I am sharing with you my happy vacation post :) And I am excited of being a little back to photography again! So my great friend Lada had the idea that if the trip to Newport, RI did not work out, we should go to Lake George. Until few weeks ago I did not even know that Lake George existed. It was fun, two day girly trip to summer resort in late autumn = deserted cities and beautiful nature. The weather was great and I am proud of squeezing in two pre-marathon shortish workouts there. It was so good to be outside in the nature (Garmin files here and here). See the full post for all the photos from Lake George trip (and click on the photos to see them enlarged). NYC marathon race recap will follow, I am still digesting it and waiting for the photos :) But am still very happy, excited and definitely doing it again. Though I am still cannot imagine running even a mile right now :) I guess that's part of the deal with marathons.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

NYC Marathon Finisher 2011!!!

Official time: 4:02:43

Thank YOU Christel 
from the Silly Girl Running for pacing me!!!

I enjoyed every single step of the way, 
did not hit any crazy wall and am totally hooked!!!

(more detailed post will follow tomorrow, I am off to celebrate :) )

The D Day is Here!!!

See you at the Central Park ... thank YOU all for the GREAT support!!!

Ready for the NYC Maratahon

Or as ready as I can be. I did everything I could according to my schedule and physical abilities (training drop outs due to the right ankle and left calf troubles). I actually got really nervous yesterday evening, could not fall asleep and had crazy dreams. Today was a great day though. Got up early, had breakfast and headed for the pre-race tune up run. Which is more of stretching, drills, form etc. and then 2 km at race pace (approx. 9:10 min/mile). I went too fast, so my biggest goal for tomorrow is not going out too fast! I also tried all the gear and finalized the clothing choices :) (sneaky preview bellow)

Friday, November 04, 2011

Geared up for the NYC Marathon

More detailed posts about this past week's program will follow, but this is essential as the NYC marathon is getting damn close! Today was a day of getting all the necessary errands done as we only got back from Lake George yesterday afternoon. So what is ready? My name will be printed on my team (you can still donate here - still 500 USD to go...) t-shirt, don't have picture yet since I'm picking it up tomorrow. I also got very sexy super cute leggings and sweatshirt to prevent myself from cold pre-start - those will be donated for charity, so sorry I only spent 9 USD on them. The NYC Marathon adventure already cost me lot. 

Finally, I went to the marathon expo where I met with Zdeněk. As he already went through the process he guided me on the necessary steps. And then he had a great lot of patience while I did little shopping (see the photo). Running skirt & arm warmers from, BodyGlide and new generation of FuelBelt. I am getting nervous and excited, will post more tomorrow!

Photo update ... by Zdeněk - THANK YOU! ... way better than my phone photo.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I think this is gonna be my shot of the year 2011!!!

Today is the very last day for the donations, so please please check the link bellow and you can win Zensah Compression Socks in my giveaway!!!
Please help me help the kids! I'm running the NYC marathon to support the Team Hole in the Wall

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Running along the Hudson River ... beautiful Sunday

Sunday was the day for my last longish run. I woke up around 8 am and headed out of the appartement just before nine. Since the high buildings, I couldn't really see what was the weather like. And it was amazing. I felt so energized by the Sun. Had great, great, great run alongside the Hudson River, did not realize how far up Manhattan the five miles are (I did a 10 miler together - same way up and down). You can see that on the map bellow from the Garmin Connect.