Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Lake George

OK, OK, this is not really running post, this is I am sharing with you my happy vacation post :) And I am excited of being a little back to photography again! So my great friend Lada had the idea that if the trip to Newport, RI did not work out, we should go to Lake George. Until few weeks ago I did not even know that Lake George existed. It was fun, two day girly trip to summer resort in late autumn = deserted cities and beautiful nature. The weather was great and I am proud of squeezing in two pre-marathon shortish workouts there. It was so good to be outside in the nature (Garmin files here and here). See the full post for all the photos from Lake George trip (and click on the photos to see them enlarged). NYC marathon race recap will follow, I am still digesting it and waiting for the photos :) But am still very happy, excited and definitely doing it again. Though I am still cannot imagine running even a mile right now :) I guess that's part of the deal with marathons.

Picnic lunch site with beautiful view on the lake

Sagamore Resort ... next time we're staying here darling!

Lada working on her homework

Some like it hot? 

Aren't these autumn colors simply gorgeous?


  1. Waiting on Your Marathon post is exciting.....
    (and running after marathon, is not easy, but its only in Your head...)
    I like placees like this, off-season resort :) usually crowded with people, and now empty, only few vistitors with their cameras....
    Nice autumn shots !!

  2. Superb photos! It is nicely captured mood of fall at that resort.

  3. wow i've never been there but it looks amazing, yeah for a great vacation!!

  4. Michal ... I am on it, you know ... finally got the memory card with the photos, so it's coming up today!

    Karien: Thank you, it was indeed beautiful. Nice change to all nature after being at Manhattan ....

    1bubobubo: thanx! so great I am a little back to photography ...

    Amanda: I can only recommend, on the other hand, I am not sure how it feels when it's crowded with all the other people who go there in full season... :)

  5. netrpelive cekam na Tvuj report z Maratonu :-)) fotky nadherny. me se nejvic libi ta prvni. Vsak si taky dovolenou zaslouzis!

  6. Blondýna: dneska se konečně cítím ne KO, tak využívám chvil ve městě ... zítra dopoledne nikam nevyrážím, tak to dám dohromady, nebo ještě možná dneska večer :) Ty dny prostě ne a ne být nafukovací!!!

    Andrejka & Jituš: od vás fotografek to obzvláště potěší :)

  7. Super, nice photos! 4th is my favorite! Wave and sky in accordance. Cheers, 12:)

  8. jejda... neni Ti dobre? To me mrzi :-((