Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Running along the Hudson River ... beautiful Sunday

Sunday was the day for my last longish run. I woke up around 8 am and headed out of the appartement just before nine. Since the high buildings, I couldn't really see what was the weather like. And it was amazing. I felt so energized by the Sun. Had great, great, great run alongside the Hudson River, did not realize how far up Manhattan the five miles are (I did a 10 miler together - same way up and down). You can see that on the map bellow from the Garmin Connect.

Here is the link for the Garmin connect activity
Later in the day we went for "brunch" at Café Kristall, they do not have real brunch menu, the food was very good though, unfortunately the service was not. Thanks for the great weather, we did not let the unprofessional waitress spoil our day. After Lada had to go to work, I went with her friend to a photo exhibition in the International Center of Photography. I saw three exhibitions - Signs of Life: Photographs by Peter SekaerHarper's Bazaar: A Decade of Style and Remembering 9/11 (that was a tough one to go through ...). Finally I was shown to two other "museums" - wine bar adjacent to the Casa Mono Spanish restaurant. And Pete's Tavern, the oldest bar in the NYC, established in 1864! I am barely drinking any alcohol (a glass of red wine a day), but it was fun anyway. And delicious dinner at the Cercle Rouge. I am becoming boring with this, but it is where Lada works, and Pierre (the chef) is so good and it has been some time for me since I was eating great French food.

The Freedom Tower and the rests of the snow from Saturday ...

Lasers and Optis covered with snow at Manhattan sailing school
... dedicated to my sailing friends :)

I know you cannot see my face, but I would not embarrass myself
by showing how my hair looks under the cap after a 10 miler ... 
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Please help me help the kids! I'm running the NYC marathon to support the Team Hole in the Wall


  1. http://grooveshark.com/s/Empire+State+Of+Mind+feat+Alicia+Keys+/2K6uXP?src=5


  2. Nice! Krasna trasa.... o jak Ti zavidim /az na tu zimu :-))/

  3. R: děkuji za připomenutí, je třeba si pustit aspoň jednou denně, když je člověk tady :)

    Blondýna: Jo, jo, děkuju moc, snad nezmrznu ... :o

  4. Opravdu nádhera a ten program :-)) Závidím :-) Takový krásný únik ze stereotypu ;-)

  5. Jituš, je mi jasný, že by sis zrovna takový program taky užila :) Včera a dneska jsem dokonce byla fotit!!!