Friday, December 09, 2011

Ball season begins (Nutritional sins)

Great friend of mine who went to the same high school and university suggested that we attend the graduation ball of the high school we went to. What a great idea to have a reason to dress up and go out. Just a very quick post for those who think I eat healthy all the time. I do have a slip time to time as you can see on the photos in the post. But there are sports involved as well, I met with my former physical education teachers at the ball and obviously bragged about my first marathon ... which turned in quite interesting consequences for this weekend's training schedule. Stay tuned for the next post :)

We first went to the Old Times Square to get a bit of Christmas atmosphere and some Glühwine with Sis who was in town from Ostrava and actually never has been for the Christmas markets in Prague ... and then I realized that I totally forgot about the idea of going to the ball ...

"Chlebíčky" ... Reminiscence of the communist era ... still alive after more than 20 years.

Nothing tastes better than midnight greasy sausage at the street stand of Wenceslas Square :)


  1. I envy. :) Not the sausage nor chlebíčky:) but the possibility to visit a ball where you can dance. In Liberec there are only "balls" I call "Disco in Tuxedo". There are two or three standard dances in the beginning and then only disco and slow music during the night which is IMO pretty stupid. Last season we went to 3 balls but this year I guess we'll go to none of them. The only good one is hunter's ball but there is a raffle with dead roes, pheasants, ducks and so on and Zuzka wouldn't stand it.

  2. I love "time machines":) and there is not better one than a taste:)...Sausage at Wenceslav Sq., open face sandwiches, kofola drink and I'm also back. Enjoy and cheers! 12:)

  3. Jituš: ale už si zvykáš, ne? :)

    Advid: Come for a ball to Prague! :)

  4. 12Honza: Yep, so cool :) And fun the two of us posting at the exactly same moment!