Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Late Merry Christmas

My beloved readers, I have not forgotten you, but the Christmas season is rather crazy. Trying to keep up with the cooking and baking and with the social schedule. Did I mention running?

So you know you are a runner when ...

... you rather go for your 8 miler (13 km) on the evening of December 23 and you do not wrap the presents or prepare the x-mas dinner.
... you NEED to go at least for a short 3 miler on the Christmas day :)
... you choose the hotel for your family Christmas vacation according to the treadmill availability
... you get extremely upset when the treadmill is the only machine NOT working in the hotel gym
... you go running outside in the mountain village anyway even though you did not bring the clothes and shoes to go running in the snow
... you go running after the each full day of skiing

X-mas time is extremely busy period of the year, so I am sharing what is going on in photos. Just a quick update: the pre-Christmas party dinner was Julia's Child beuf bourgignon and it fortunately was success. Yum! :) I hope you all are having great time. Have a great last day of 2011!


  1. Kraaasny! Jsi proste crazy runner :-))) Ja bohuzel cely svatky zapasila s bacilem, takze letos uz nevybehnu :-(((( o to vic se ale tesim na pristi rok! Preju Ti hodne stesti zdravi lasky a spoooooustu kilometru "bez nehody" :-)

  2. Absolutely! Sharp and nice views:)!
    Have a great year, too. Keep running and posting! Cheers, 12:)

  3. Blondýna: neboj, ono Ti nic neuteče, tak ať zvládneme spoustu kilometrů jak říkáš "bez nehody". Těším se konečně na shledání v roce 2012!!!

    12: Have a great 2012 ... it is your year anyway, since it is '12 :D