Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Killer Workouts = Sore Body

I might be exaggerating a bit with the title, but honestly, I think that almost every single muscle of my body hurts right now. It is partially my fault, because I added some extra workout, but I guess it is also the increased intensity of my training as the spring races (Prague half on March 31 and Prague marathon on May 13) are getting closer. I do how The Coach says, or almost as he says :) So what were the workouts?

My last day off was the last Wednesday, since then I did 5 workouts from my 7 unit mini-cycle set up by The Coach. Two of them were pretty hard - intervals of 2 x 7 x 500 m fast pace (which is currently off season 8:00 min/mile or 5:00 min/km) on Thursday and yesterday's hills. The hills yesterday afternoon almost killed me, that's why "killer workouts". I was supposed to do 10 x 400 m hill going up to 185 BPM with my heart rate. In comparison with the last cycle's 10 x 300 m hills and also fewer 500 m fast intervals at slower pace, I just felt like we are adding too much intensity. As there was also second phase of the training planned for the same day as the hills - 1.87 miles (3 km) at 9:07 min/mile (5:40 min/km) and I realized that I have to do both phases at once, I decided to skip the last two hills. Do you know how much further 400 m is than 300 m. I know, obviously 100 m, but my head did not process all the increasing of distances, paces etc. (Remember, you should not increase distance and pace at the same time unless supervised by a professional!!!)

Feeling already sore after the hills and the fast(ish) 2 miles I went for a game of squash that I have not played for at least 6 months. Add some more soreness ... Relaxed in sauna - there should be some recovery points here. But continued in my new computer - new work space project when I got back home. Putting together the IKEA furniture = more soreness in my arms. Today morning as usual training with The Coach. I tried to explain to him that I am exceptionally tired, but it did not work much. Obviously, The Coach increased the weight of the dumbbells that we started using two weeks ago exactly today! OK, I think I made him being little easier on me, but not that much. As a result my whole body is aching, especially arms, back and the back side of my legs. As The Coach pointed out correctly, I will be definitely happy for the improved race results, but the process towards them hurts. I am not complaining, I am just sharing the fact that it is not always as sugarcoated as it looks :)

Enjoy your workouts and we will all be kicking asses at those spring races!


  1. Great! It's good to know I am not only crazy person here! Even young ladies lost their minds and exercise like a mad freak:).. Cheers, 12:)

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    1. :) ale vždyť Ty taky!!! Podívej, kam jsi se od loňského léta s těmi objemy dostala ... :)

  3. Great training - races will be a piece of cake for you :-)

    1. That is what I hope for! :) I will let you know how that went...