Monday, January 09, 2012

Monday Morning Happiness

Monday Morning Madness would sound cooler, but I don't want to psyche you my dear readers out even more after my last post. I just wanted to share my happiness this morning. I had a great run, really awesome. Not a fast one in comparison to my overall speeds in the season, but fastish considering the paces The Coach has been giving me these past winter weeks. And after Saturday's speed workout (Yay, I'm so excited for reintroducing the speed to the training plan!) I really had blast today. Even though it was raining, still dark and I did not sleep enough. I cannot describe it, but feeling so great in such awful conditions reminds me that I am crazy about running and I really enjoy it. Running definitely is THE Thing for me. I hope you will understand that I simply needed to share my happiness with you and wanted to have a track of it for the moments when I lack motivation to keep it up :)

Have a great week everyone!

The song speaks of Sunday morning ... but suites the positive mood :)


  1. Great song from Faith No More and gerat feeling of running = pure happines :-)

  2. I really like you posts! You share and distribute happiness evenly around! There is always something to be pissed of:) but on the other way there are many other things to make my day!:) BTW, I love your playlist and I realized we have quite some overlap:).. My favourite (for rowing machine is your No.4).. Good Luck and keep running! Cheers, 12:)

  3. :)) Uplne Ti rozumim, tak to ma byt!

  4. 1bubobubo: Yep, exactly!

    Rosťa: Dík, už mám těch záznamů až až...

    12: I feel the same way about your writing ... and am kind of upset that I cannot run to and from work as you can. BTW, that must be some damn fast rowing with that song ;)

    s0c: Jo, jo, je mi to po přečtení Tvého posledního příspěvku úplně jasný ;) A nic si nedělej z těch, co Ti nerozumí. Mimochodem, doporučuju článek na Zen Habits: Life as a Conscious Practice.

  5. Zen je mi hodne blizky uz od stredni :)