Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I know it is a more or less commercial kind of holiday, but I like to think about it as a reminder that any day is great to express your feelings and appreciation to the people you love. I do not mean by buying stuff and silly Valentine's day special editions of chocolate. Simply calling a friend and saying that you care is a great way to celebrate your relationship.

I am attaching two videos down here to illustrate the atmosphere. The first is in Czech (sorry my English speaking readers), but I think it can be hilarious even for the non-Czech speaking crowd :) I would like to thank my dear friend Katarínka for sharing the video with me - it made my day!!! The second is my all time favorite Something Stupid ... though I prefer the original version by Frank and Nancy Sinatra.


  1. The first video is absolutely superb!! :) I love it! Cheers, 12:)

    1. Absolutely agree :-)))) Little bit late.. but Cheers...

  2. I can`t agree more with you first paragraph. And song Kráva is excellent! :-)))

  3. 12 & Blondýna: Cheers! :) We will have this post as a reminder to check out the song next year again. It is so cool and funny! :D :D :D

    1bubobubo: Thank you!

  4. Krávu jsem chtěla dát taky, ještě že jsem si to rozmyslela :o))

  5. Pulec: Kdybys tam Krávu dala Ty, tak já bych vymyslela něco jinčího :D