Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Thank You for Running

More precise would be perhaps labeling this post "Grateful for Running", but like its' sound this way better. Yesterday evening was the moment when I definitely appreciated the most my unconscious decision to take up running. At least concerning the rememberable past :) Things aren't great right now at many different levels, but it is the running that keeps me sane, shifts my outlooks towards the positive tones and gives me energy to get up and continue the everyday battle for a meaningful and fulfilling life I want to live. If you had told me back in 2009 that I would be heading of for a more than 10 miles (17 km) at 9 pm winter evening with -6 degrees Celsius, I don't think I had believed you... Yet there I was, running at a steady pace, acquiring the peace of my mind with every single step, every moment my feet touched the ground, every breath. Thank you for bringing running in my life! I hope I can pay back by motivating at least one of my friends or virtual friends to take on running and become blessed as well with the great benefits running has for you.

There is one more thing that I am grateful for today and that keeps me sane. It is my interesting, motivating and fulfilling job that gives me purpose and distracts me from unwanted wanderings of my mind. Fortunately by diving deep in my work, I do not have the capacity to let my mind create crazy scenarios like some of the Desperate Housewives do :) I know there are many inspiring women as Amanda and many more who I respect and admire for their capacity to be great moms, runners, readers, writers and many more, but there are also many others who should take them for an example.

Once again thank you for running! 

What do you appreciate the most about your running???


  1. s0c & Marcel: Díky, prostě ten pocit musel ven :)

  2. krasny! a ten beh taky!!! ja nejvic miluju ten pocit po treninku... ze nejsem lemra a nesedim u televize.. ze delam neco pro svoje srdce. A taky miluju to, jak me beh uklidnuje...!

  3. Blondýna: Já mám zase rád po tréninku prohlížení grafíků. :-) Ten pocit je taky super, ale ten mám už na běhu. :)

  4. Blondýna, Katy & Advid: Naprostý souhlas se všemi :) Miluju ten pocit, že dělám něco pro sebe, ale ty grafíky, Ty mě taky moc baví. Jak říká jedna z mých nejlepších kamarádek: "Ty ses měla narodit jako chlap, jenom si to Pánbůh na poslední chvíli rozmyslel." :D :D :D Vždycky si říkám, že to beru radši jako kompliment.

    Dobrým pocitům a grafíkům zdar! :)