Monday, February 27, 2012

VŠ liga 10km Race Report

This "University League" monthly race is a great way to test your actual form on regular basis. As you might have read in my race report from the January edition, I did quite struggle last time I ran it. And this weekend was another try to do better. Mainly by not going all out at the beginning raising my heart rate to the sky :D How did it go? I PRed again, but came in fourth among the women this time. If you want to know more (like why this photo???) keep on reading. You can also check all photos in my previous post.

We have been spicing up my training with The Coach in the past few weeks, so naturally both of us were curious on how would I do in the race. I was aiming bellow 47 minutes for the 10k, but with strong emphasis on not overspeeding the start. The limit was around 176 BPM for my heart rate in the first part of the race. My heart rate was kind of too high in the easy warm up jog, so I was not sure how fast was I going to be able to go with the heart rate limitation. My Garmin file is kind of screwed up, because even though it was saying it has the satellite reception, it actually did not for the first 600-800 meters. But still you can see that I more or less achieved my targets.

But before all of that there was quite significant "bump" on my road. After few hundred meters the race course leaves for some part the cycling/walking/running path on normal road and there is this barrier - the red and white pole you can see on the photo. I was checking my non-GPS-tracking Garmin while listening to an annoying sound of a jacket of runner just behind me and then BAAAANG. I ran with my left thigh directly in this pole which kicked me down and threw me on my right hip. We were still in quite a crowd after the start and I think that all the runners around me were more shocked than I was. Sorry about that guys. I jumped up and kept on running, told myself that if something hurt too much, I was gonna stop. Fortunately there was no need for that. But if you have heard the irony noise of the bang ...

OK, back to the race. I went strictly under or around 176-177 BPM for the first four kilometers. Just after the fourth km Martina was waiting for me with my Isostar. How cool is that??? She thought the race was on Sunday, realized it was Saturday less than an hour before the start and still raced her bike to come and cheer me up. Thank you sweet Martina! :) Ok, so after the drinking and the slight hill, I held my HR under or at 180 until the turn around point (which is somewhere between 5th and 6th km). After that, I just tried pushing little by little to go faster and faster at least a bit :) After the turn around I slowly approached a male runner ahead of me and it seemed he did not want to let me go easily. I made the wise decision of not trying to overpass him and we made a pact without saying a word to pace each other for the rest of the race. I think it helped us both a lot. He overpassed me in last few hundred meters - but come on, he is a guy, so he is supposed to do so! Thank you stranger for helping us both achieve a better time!

My great on course suppporter - Martina :)
What was it? 46:57 ... 3 seconds bellow my target time. OK, I was hoping for a slightly better time, but given the fact that at least 10-15 seconds were lost on my fall and I don't know how it might have influenced my overall performance. I am more than happy with how I did. I am getting curious on the target time The Coach sets for me for the Prague half on March 31 :o

For the rest of the weekend I was tempted to take it very easy on Sunday, but then I told myself that it was only a practice race and I already had two days off in the week (yes, playing squash counts as a day off from running). I managed to get in the 8.7 miles (14 km) at 8:41 min/mile (supposed to be 8:43 min/mile = 5:25 min/km), it wasn't all easy, but damn it felt great after finishing!

What was your weekend workout???


  1. Yep. Checking Garmin can be painful. Be grateful it happened while running not cycling. :)

  2. You are welcome! And congrats one more time :)

  3. Advid: So true! Now I am glad I was "only" running :D :D :D

    Martina: Thank you! :)

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