Saturday, March 10, 2012

Faster, Further and Frequent

Long time no see? Honestly, I really need to get the iPad to be able to post from anywhere, getting my posts ready on the way to work etc. (Do you hear that you know who? :) ) OK, so I have been busy with driving around the country last weekend and around Europe for work purposes at the beginning of this week. Back to the running. Last weekend two longer runs, Saturday 8.7 miles, Sunday supposed to be 12.5 miles, but obviously I had to do the full half marathon :) That run was a cool change of scenery. As I got back home from the mountains (yay, for the first roof less drive of the season!), grandpa just got back from two hour walk with Bourbon. Thank you grandpa for being the best dog sitter in the world. There was a chance to do a dog free run. I love running with Bourbon, but I limit running with him to parks where he is not forced to run on roads = bad for his joints. And for longer runs that means doing many laps in the park. I headed towards Vltava river and did back and forth run from Vyšehrad towards Zbraslav and back. It was great change of scenery.

Official start of the convertible season :)
Monday was a hard workout, supposed to be 10x 800 m around 3:30 each (= 7:00 min/mile pace). I got up early, had breakfast and got some work done. The body is not really ready for such workouts right after waking up. I am able to do them, but since I have been working with The Coach, I gave this few thoughts and I have to admit that doing these hard workouts with my body fully awake is way more pleasant and easier to do. I wasn't really feeling like a great speedy runner and the intervals were tough to go through, I couldn't manage to go under 3:30. Did a pact with myself that if the 8th one was under 3:30, it was OK to finish with just 8 of them under my belt. It was 3:32, bummer. So I did the 9th and that was honestly slow struggle, so I ended with that one. I was immediately regretting it on my way home, but from the feelings in my legs all the day after, I think the 9 were enough. The Coach tells me I should listen to my body! Easy game of squash and sauna afterwards.

Pretty happy with my training this month so far :)
My heart beat did not hit 180 BPM once in the 9 repeats.
As The Coach said, I might be finally becoming endurance athlete.
Unfortunately more probably it means I am tired of all the training.
Time for pre half marathon taper! (not until 7 more trainings)
Tuesday early morning I left with two of my colleagues to go and check out the news at Cebit (biggest digital world convention in Europe). Woke up at 4:30 am, followed by more than 5 hour drive, all day walking around the Hannover exhibition center. Deal with The Coach was to do some easy miles just to get my legs moving, no given pace no given distance. Here comes the surprise and the reason for the headline - I did a 10 miler (I know that is a normal for many people), the treadmill speed was 11 km/h (approx. 8:46 min/mile) with 1 % incline (I read somewhere that 1 % incline gets you closer to the effort of running outside). There were times when I was able to hold to such a pace barely for a minute or so. Yay, I was excited that it felt so easy and natural! Another easy 5 miler on Wednesday morning. I planned on doing few more miles in the evening after arriving back to Prague, but that turned out to be too much. The tiring effect of more than 10 hours in a car, early wake ups and important meetings finally got to me. But still I have in mind Radek's word that the faster, further and more frequent you run, the easier it gets :)

It was a nice change of scenery to go on the treadmill,
certainly better than not being able to run at all.
But I still prefer running outside!
Before the 10 miler ...
... and after (the darker tone of my top means
that I am all soaking wet from sweating)
But in the morning I was ready for the Thursday session with The Coach. After being really mile, the weather showed up the wintery face once again. So it was around 0 degrees Celsius and with some snow on the ground in the morning. Not that ideal for the speed work we planned. I tried to talk The Coach out of it, but that did not work. I did four sets of 200 m (0:44, 0:47, 0:44, 0:43) and I felt pretty great. Until The Coach said that now I am going to do two more half milers going under 3:30, ufff. Finally they turned out to be quite fast - 3:18 and 3:19. To be honest, they were at different spot than the Monday ones. This is supposed to be well measured by some distance runners many years before and the others I just did using my Garmin. So I am not sure about the compatibility. But from now on, I will be doing the half mile repeats at this one spot, so we are able to compare them.

That is actually what I am going to do right now :) Have a great weekend everyone!

What are your weekend workouts?

I am doing 10x 800 m speedy today and a 9 miler tomorrow.


  1. I love you detailed workout and perfect plans that make sense and sound like a pro training. I usually get into the week like a fireman to a huge fire:).. Fixing the major problems and fighting with the most urgent calls. Well, I knew that eventually it would be a fun.. On Monday it looks like a disaster week..However, on Saturday it turned to be the week with the highest volume, and the total number so far belongs to my favourite.. 132.4:)
    Anyway, what I want to say is that -- we should not judge by appearances:). What looks bad at the beginning could be easily turned into a successful week.
    Cheers! Happy running! 12:)

  2. :D Same for me on the fixing the major problems etc. But I am paying The Coach who used to train many pro athletes, so basically this is still easier but pro-like training plan and since I am paying for it, I better get the most out of it. Honestly, I find a paralel with paid education. I remember when I was a teenager and my parents paid me language classes. I attended those with adults who had to pay for them by themselves or it was provided as a well valued company benefit. I can remember that these people really tried to get the most out of the courses. Fast forward 10 years ahead, I did a double degree university program. Standard state paid here in Prague and another one in Paris at really great school with great teachers, my dad paid quite some for that. I can assure you that I tried to get the most of every single euro that was spent on my education fees and living expenses there ...

    Back to running, congrats on your highest volume week! Such a cute numbers as usual :) I am still more than far from that.

    Happy 10 000 km and happy running!

  3. Wow, you are so disciplined! My typical problem are the travelling days and improvisations: where and when to run after all day in car/plane/boat...

  4. AprilRuns: Thank you! I got on a roller coaster. You know, once you got into training hard and regularly, you don't want to waste all the energy already invested in training. But on the other hand, you cannot freak out about one or two missed days (as long it is not a regular thing). Balance is the most important. So when I got back after the two day travelling, I was simply too tired to finish my mileage and I knew it was better for my body to get some rest. Good luck with your running!