Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Interesting Numbered Achievements

First of all, thank you all for the support and votes in the Best Czech Running Blogger competition. You were amazing and helped me win! I do translate your trust in a commitment for myself to provide you with hopefully interesting content and some fun as well :) Congratulations to all the participants, especially Advid (2nd) and 12Honza together with Running Shadow (3rd-4th). I hope we will all keep it up! And huge thanks to Leona for hosting the competition at her blog!

Now to the numbers. As I do track my workouts through Garmin Connect and Nike+ (I know, it takes more time, but I like having things in both places actually), this past week brought several interesting numbered achievements in my running (I hope 12Honza will enjoy :) ). Here they are:

  1. I crossed the 50 mile milestone in my weekly mileage for first time ever.
  2. My total mileage just poped above 2 500 miles since summer 2009 (I know this might not seem like a lot for some ultra runners, but I like it :) ).
  3. Number 2 translates in the fact that in the metric system, I crossed the 4 000 km marke (nothing to compare with 12Honza's 10 000 km, but yay for Honza and I will be there sometime soon).
  4. On a random note: My yesterday's easy long run (13.1 miles) came in with the average pace 9:02 min/mile (5:36 min/km) that is slightly faster than in the NYC marathon where my avg pace was 9:10 min/mile (5:41 min/km). The important thing is that during yesterday's workout, my heart rate averaged at 150 BPM! I am really looking forward to the Hervis 1/2 marathon on March 31 and Prague International Marathon on May 13 to see how this translates in my results. Thans to Radek for making me realize my mental block with going fast!

Just to illustrate how great was the weekend weather in Prague.
Oh the heat made me suffer in my semi-difficult run,
my heart rate skyrocketed.

The Garmin weekly total includes the half mile of swim,
the running total was 50.74 miles.

2500 miles of running crossed - translates in 473 workouts, 251 302 kcal
and amazing 15 days 11 hours 20 minutes and 51 seconds of running!!!


  1. Boze ty jsi proste dabel :-) Nadherna cisla! Velka gratulace i k vitezstvi v blogove soutezi. Zaslouzila sis to!!!!

  2. Báro, velký obdiv a respekt!! Blog máš výborný a soutěž to jen potvrdila. :-)

  3. Blondýna: No já nevím, kdo běhá takový kilometry ve five fingers a je ďáběl ;) Jinak děkuji, děkuji :)

    de-ni: Moc děkuji :)

    Summer: Nothing to compare with the triathlon world ... :) This is just one out of three sports.

  4. Barborko, jedna otázečka, která mi vrtá děsně hlavou :))). Co je to (asi) modré, co vypadá, že máš zastrčené vzadu za sukní :)?

  5. As always you are correct! I enjoyed your numbers:). It's good you run 9:10 per mile, .. 9:11... I would be afraid to run that pace -- remaining me the emergency number:)
    It will be a great PIM series.. Did you notice that 1/2M is on 31st while M is on 13th? That's not a coincidence:), let's enjoy mirror-looking dates and let's run like a crazy:). Cheers, 12:)

  6. Andrejka: Je to tričko, zastrčené za pásem s lahvičkami na pití. Měla jsem ho pro jistotu, aby mi nebyla zima s sebou - úplně zbytečně. Tedy tak docela ne, dala jsem si ho pod záda v autě, když jsem se vracela :)

    12Honza: Totally awesome this year's dates :) I am really looking forward to these races. Have fun running :)