Saturday, March 10, 2012

Legally Blonde

Totally random post. Hope you will enjoy bit of Saturday fun.

As Honza pointed out in his comment on my previous post, I tend to be quite systematic about planning my workouts. Hey, I do pay The Coach each month, so I better get the most of it. Yesterday evening I was working on implementing a new plan from The Coach in my schedule. This takes tiny amount of time as we live in Europe therefore we are using the metric system - eg. The Coach is. Me on the other hand, I am running in miles (read this post to find out why). So every time I get a new plan (mini cycle of 7 training units), I need to do little adjusting of mileage and paces.

Now comes the legally blonde part. For the past two or three weeks my speed work distance has increased to 800 m repetitions. You know, 800 meters is a half mile simple as that. I had to do eg. 10x 800 m in 3:38. Do you know what my brain created as a way to find the pace? Calculate the min/km pace = recalculate 3:38 in 218 s, divide by 8 (800 m), multiply by 10 (1 000 m), now you have number of seconds per km, calculate back to minutes = you get min/km pace. Then use this clever site to get the min/mile pace. And then I am talking to my friend over phone yesterday evening, having the plan in front of my eyes and it suddenly hit me like a lightning ... I can simply double the time per 800 m and I get the min/mile pace, since 800 m is actually a half of the mile. I started laughing so hard. Yep, I am legally blonde :)

Two more random tidbits:

I am really happy for running friend Janae from The Hungry Runner Girl and her husband Billy, since they are expecting! Apart from that, Janae is great and funny blogger especially if you like running and food as much as we both do :)

Don't forget to vote for the Best Czech Running Blogger at Leona's page (on the top left corner). Please, please, help the PINK TEAM win!!! (= one of the girls)

Guess what movie I am watching tonight? :)
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    1. Jo, jo, to jsem viděla, to jsem celá já! :D :D :D