Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reporting from Weymouth

I have drafted several other posts here from the Olympics, but wanted to keep you updated. Just arrived to Weymouth today to report on sailing. After two days of only walking around London like a crazy I had a chance to go out and squeeze in a short run. Hopefully more quality training will start as of tomorrow. Stay tuned for more news and photos! :o)

Some very cool running paths waiting for me here ... down the bay it is the official Olympic Sailing Village.

Well deserved dinner :o) We wanted to have just the salad and some cheese, but then we realized there were burgers in the fridge that will expire in two days ... Didn't want to waste them!

Check out my first official report for the Yacht magazine here (sorry, it is in Czech only.)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

London Calling!!! (Day 0)

I'm writing this on the Heathrow express towards London that actually has free wifi connection - WOW!!! People have been super nice so far thanks to my accreditation. There are tons of volunteers everywhere to help you with the directions and so on. Truly well oganized!!! London 2012 Olympics here I come ... Stay tuned for the updates... I will be heading south for the sailing and of cours will be back in London on Sunday August 5th to cover the women's marathon race = I will see Paula running an Olympic marathon, I am way beyond excited for this!!!

So I didn't post the written post on Thursday, when I was actually arriving. Had to get out of the train... And then things got really busy, but hope to post more often now :) Yay, it's holiday time and Olympics time!

Give me champagne and Sex and the City and I am all yours!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Christmas @ Nike Prague

Winning the Nike+ Runner Of The Week has a very very cool benefit. Getting some cool stuff from Nike! I was so excited. The meeting was set for today, because the autumn collection just arrived to the stores. I went to the Nike Prague that happens to be the biggest Nike store in the country. We met there with Nike's PR manager and she brought a photographer... uaaaaaa, help me! It was lot of fun, you can check out some photos of my excitement and shooting in this post. I will come back as soon as I get to do some serious running = testing of the gear I got. I ran in a running skirt and new t-shirt today and felt unstoppable!

I hope Ondra will like the shorts, since he has been telling me that the running skirts are slowing me down and that I really should get a pair of racing shorts. Well, these are pretty cool, I am excited about the color. They didn't have them in hot pink, but this is damn classy too. And yes, I couldn't decide about which crazy exited face I should choose from the photos, so I posted more (it is "only" about a half of the total I have :o)).

... I can get really (over)excited ...

... let's get a little serious about this ...

... a running pose ...

... we had a blast ...

... hopefully we got a "serious" photo :) 

In Love ... with COLOURS!!!

... of Ostrava!!! It is a damn cool music festival and since my dad does quite some business here I got to come with him and stay with my best friend (yep, sad, sad story, she lives 400 km far from me :( ). And we had a blast!!! The festival itself took place in an old mining area, so we got to get a tour of some old parts of it - that was simply awesome. And the mother nature created some of the greatest shades of sunlight for the last night when the main stars were the French ZAZ and Alanis Morissette.

Colours of OSTRAVA!!!

18-holes at the golf course and afternoon & night at the festival
= almost 35 thousand steps taken (2 800 more were taken after midnight on July 15 :) ).
One more love for colors ...
You can understand that these seem to be made exactly for me :D
At least little bit of running related information: I managed to squeeze in two phases of quite speedy training in these cute pinky babies on Friday before heading to the festival... Was tough to find the motivation, especially for the second phase, but was totally worth it! Happy running everyone!

How was your weekend?!?!?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nike+ Runner of the Week

It is pretty much self-explanatory. I was selected as the Nike+ Runner of the Week (for the Nike Czech Republic of course, not worldwide :o) ). I am so excited!!! Those who know my running history know that I am huge Nike fan and Nike+ user. Even though, I do not run in Nike shoes only (but that is pretty recent, only since this spring), I really like their products and the way they encourage everyone to get more active and start running. The bright side is that I will get some products for testing from the new collection. Stay tuned, I will post about the cool news as soon as I have it :o) And thank you all for the sweet comments!

Click on the photo to get better resolution, so you can read the text
(sorry, it is in Czech only)
It is a Facebook event, so you can check it out directly at my Facebook page.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Post Marathon Blues

This has been my longest period without posting to this blog since I restarted a year ago in May 2011. The Prague International Marathon took a toll on me. Both on physical and emotional levels, higher toll than I expected. And lot had to be done to get me out of it, especially lot of mental work. I am back in full training. And by full training, I mean FULL training ... check out the last week's table at the bottom of this post! (Especially for Advid :) ).

České Budějovice Half Marathon - June 9
A great fun family weekend. I didn't realize when signing in that the race is so soon after the Prague's marathon, so I had it as a great long run, enjoyed the city and company of friends, support of my family. Really cool weekend and I am glad that the RunCzech series are spreading around different towns of the Czech Republic. Real time 1:55:01, took it really easy with my HR between 150 and 160 BPM.

Lot of relax and pressure taking of my back during a weekend I spent at Chateau Liblice (it is a place that my mom is responsible for ... yay!). Room service breakfast, horseback riding, spa and massage treatments, walking in the garden, good food, afternoon nap. Some more horseback riding, playing golf. Yay! After this weekend I couldn't finish my Sunday's training because of my inner thighs being so sore from the horse. But Tuesday after I was finally able to knock down a proper speed session. A girl needs a romantic relax weekend out of reality :o)

In my horseback riding outfit - isn't the room beautifully decorated?!?

Nike Olympic Technologies Event
I had a chance to attend an event where Nike presented the collection for Czech olympic athletes they support. Obviously, I was most impressed by the Flyknit series of the new shoes. Can't wait to check them out!!!

Olympic Day Run - June 20
Used it as a tempo run, because I had a 10 km planned in my training plan anyway. I was so glad to have the given pace at 7:54 min/mile (4:55 min/km). Honestly, in the heat and still being quite tired, I would not have been able to run any harder / faster. Wooops!

Photo by 1bubobubo
Olomouc Half Marathon - June 23
Another race taken as an easy long run. Finally the heart rate is slowly going back down with the sub 2 hour half marathon pace. Met with Martina, Leona and Sára, what a great surprise!!! I tried to go slower than in České Budějovice, but again it was 1:55:45 and nothing closer to 2 hours as The Coach wanted ... woops. Seems that best relax is an evening with after-race drink at nice bar and game of golf next day :o)

Well, I am really sorry to keep you thinking that I was not running. I was just really tired and needed to sort out my motivation. A girl needs a break sometime. It only stroke me when I met Honza yesterday, he told me he was afraid that I was injured. And I knew I had to get back to you my dearest readers, I missed you!!! So I am running and I have been running quite a lot. We are increasing the volume of my mileage, you can see here the two first weeks of July. I officially ran the most miles in one week this past week, going just over 60 miles (96 km ... I will cross that 100 km/week mark very very soon).

Click on the picture to see the detail
Back from running to recovering ... I had this fabulous dinner with my greatest dad, because it was his "name day" as we call it. Great excuse to spend an evening with the greatest man in my life in a really fancy restaurant with beautiful view on the Charle's Bridge and the Prague Castle. A girl needs to dress up really fancy, or at least an occasion to do so! I dig that dress and have to admit that it is vintage :o)

And I still enjoy getting flowers, you can never over-spoil a woman by too many flowers :)

I hope you will forgive me and can't wait to know what is new with you guys!!! I am slowly getting back to blog following as well, so I know some, but tell me anything! How have you been, any news, stories, yummy meals, great vacations?