Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In Love ... with COLOURS!!!

... of Ostrava!!! It is a damn cool music festival and since my dad does quite some business here I got to come with him and stay with my best friend (yep, sad, sad story, she lives 400 km far from me :( ). And we had a blast!!! The festival itself took place in an old mining area, so we got to get a tour of some old parts of it - that was simply awesome. And the mother nature created some of the greatest shades of sunlight for the last night when the main stars were the French ZAZ and Alanis Morissette.

Colours of OSTRAVA!!!

18-holes at the golf course and afternoon & night at the festival
= almost 35 thousand steps taken (2 800 more were taken after midnight on July 15 :) ).
One more love for colors ...
You can understand that these seem to be made exactly for me :D
At least little bit of running related information: I managed to squeeze in two phases of quite speedy training in these cute pinky babies on Friday before heading to the festival... Was tough to find the motivation, especially for the second phase, but was totally worth it! Happy running everyone!

How was your weekend?!?!?


  1. Nothing about ZAZ in concert ? :-(
    I think she must be absolutly Great.....

    1. ZAZ in concert was AMAZING ... totally the best concert in Colours. She kicked a$$, way better than Alanis! And it was the first time I even heard her song :)

  2. Spousta úžasných fotek, ale nikde nevidím fotku před autobusem...
    Radim http://akce-coffeeinthebus.blogspot.cz/

    1. Jéééé, Radime, to já netušila, že jste tam s busem byli :( To mě vážně mrzí!!! Doufám, že se daří :o)

    2. Děkuji, daří se! Rád bych Vás někdy viděl. Připravuji v rámci projektu DOCK www.dock.cz přístavní pražírnu DOCK CAFE. Tak snad brzy na viděnou... Radim