Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Rainy First Timer

2.6 miles, we'll see how my calves do later :)

Saturday, September 01, 2012

We Run Prague - Huge 10k PR, Huge Lesson

Photo by Nike

Since my last 10 km race I went all out was back in February the PR today was kind of expected. With my new personal best at 44:20 I improved by more than two and half minutes ... Honestly, I expected more. On the other hand I shouldn't have been. My "vacation" at the Olympics was great, but not so great for my training ... I was sleep deprived, I ate not in accordance with my usual mainly healthy self, I was tired and of course excited to be able to see all those great athletes, achievements and emotions. I was especially excited that I was able to meet in person with my biggest idol - Paula Radcliffe. I was not that excited about not training as much as I had planned and about my nutrition. I still believe that the motivational side of being part of the Olympics was more important than all those draw backs.

I was slowly forgetting about the draw backs, but the race today reminded me hardly about them. And that is good, I reached the level where every mistake and side step counts and it is important to be aware of that. The original pre-Olympics plan was shooting for sub 40 minutes. We (The Coach and I) knew that wasn't gonna happen when I came back from London, but still my form was going back up and the idea was somewhere between 42 and 44 minutes, sub 42 if I find myself in great great place. Which I didn't. I felt great yesterday on the pre-race tune up, started to believe in that sub 42, but felt nothing like that today morning.

Still, after starting the race, things went great, up to the small "hill" or better incline that took my heart rate above 180 BPM and I ignored that, the lactate came in and soon after, there came the suffering. I wanted to give up between the 5th and 9th km many times, I hated seeing myself slipping of the low 7 minut/mile pace or sub 7 pace. On the other hand, I am proud of myself for finishing and for being able to speed up after that 5th mile at 7:27. The lesson learnt? Be more careful with my heart rate in the first half of a 10 km race (did it even worse in my first 10k this year), I need to work really heard and I need to get rid of some body fat! And don't argue with me about this, it is not about beauty, I love my body the way it is. This is about performance that I want to be doing in foreseeable future.

On the other hand, I finished 600th overall and 29th woman, quite some improvement from the last year's race :)

Very very late, congratulations Janae and Billy for their little baby girl Brooke who was born on August 15!

Last but not least, you know you are a runner, when you run all out a 10k, spend afternoon at the after party and decide to jog the 3 km to the bus, because it is kind of cold and you don't want to wait for a tram :) :) :) Great recovery jog!