Saturday, October 20, 2012

I AMsterdam!!!

My gear is ready laid out for tomorrow's race, painting my nails hot pink and nervously checking out everything ... I am glad I slept well the two nights before the race, I am kind of nervous again!

Since I should already be sleeping before my Amsterdam marathon tomorrow, I will take this short ... lot of photos, few text. 9:30 AM European time, please cross your fingers for me :)

Packing back home at Prague yesteday, I didn't know what gear I will be using for my race, so I ended up with all of this flying with me :)

Chocolate store at the airport

My dad is spoiling me with great hotel treat, I am enjoying it a lot. The bed is heavenly!

Went to check out the hotel bar yesterday evening - went with boring pre-race discipline = fresh peppermint tea.

Thank you darling!

I've got these cute orange tights from Nike. They are like made for running in Amsterdam. Too long to wear for the race, so I took them out for the morning sightseeing run.

Photos from the morning sightseeing run:

Did about 3 super easy jogging / walking / sightseeing miles with the group followed by 1 km at the race effort. Slow miles felt ugly, the fast effort felt great, hope that is good sign.

I had to hurry up after the run to make it on time for the delicious breakfast buffet that comes with my room.

Stalking the Hungry Runner Girl, you have to eat delicious food! This was second plate, third was the youghurt with strawberries ... YUM!

At the marathon expo ... I don't normally wear white socks like this, but these are the compression socks to keep my legs fresh.

And the dinner ....

... laid up my gear ... so good night and good luck to all of you racing tomorrow!!!


  1. závist velká, hodně štěstí!

  2. Replies
    1. Díky Jituš, zítra od 9:30 na mě myslete :) Jinak je i sledovací aplikace pro telefony :)

  3. Zrovna, kdyz zavodis v Amsterdamu, nejsme doma v Holandsku, ale v Alpach. Zlom vaz!