Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saturday duties

Today started late for me as I arrived from my cousin's "end of high school ball" at 2:15 am (see the picture with my aunt bellow)... Whoops, but I needed to go vote - we are historically voting our future president directly for the first time!

I wanted to get enough sleep in (my New Year's resolution), so I set my alarm for noon, but my phone kept waking me even though it was on silent (silly I didn't turn it off completely).

Second duty of the day (first was the vote) was grocery shopping as I ran out of almost everything. It is freezing, so I can leave all the stuff in the car while running :-) Third duty was the actual run. We were basing my plan on very low heart rate until now and we needed to figure out what would medium difficult heart rate (around 155-160 BPM) mean pace-wise. I guess it was turned off a little due to the fact that I went to bed at 3 am, got up at noon and was still sore after my training with The Coach on Thursday. Anyway, I am very very slowpoke runner right now, but that will change soon enough!

After running I enjoyed some cooking time ... Like working on the "perfectly baked bacon" and attempting my first time ever chicken liver pâté. See the picture bellow.

"Longish" easy run tomorrow for me.

What are your Sunday running plans?

Anyone else out there trying Paleo???


  1. Ahoj,
    ja jsem na paleu a běhám ;-)

  2. Slysela jsem o Paleu, ale zatim nezkousela...

  3. :-))