Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Time

City living with runners, that's Boston this weekend. It is basically flooded with blue and yellow people (the official colors). Arrived yesterday (Saturday) at 3:30 pm, checked in, went to the expo, walked back to the hotel, had dinner, runners are everywhere. Even at the W hotel where I am staying (thank you Dad for the great treat! Wish you were here!!!) I got this good luck treat at the check in :)

Love the sense of humor they have at the W hotels ... it's all in the tiny details :)

I got my beautiful number (11616):

The expo was pretty crazy. Didn't take any photos of the stands and everything, was too busy checking them out :) The less than two hours I had before it closed was not enough, but I am glad I went on Saturday, because even though the experience is exciting it is kind of tiring at the same time. Check the photos bellow to see what I got :D But first to the end - eg. the Boston Marathon finish line!!!

You can see I am kind of excited, right?

... fortunately I already spent everything on the running gear and marathon souvenirs :) Because the pinky stuff ... you know me, it is like a magnet!

So this is what I got!

But before the new gear fashion show, it was time for dinner - this is what I wore ... new top and jacket, old pants and Christmas gift scarf from the greatest Dad :)

Randomly picked the East Ocean City for the dinner ... pretty great choice - based on the amount of Chinese inside and the fact that English was the minor language on the menu :)

What was in the goodie bag and what did I get?

Boston marathon beer opener, cool! I need to invite some beer drinkers over for a party when I come back home, so I can use it :)

Fuel for the race - GU Chocolat Outrage (the full box) and the two Espresso Love for extra caffeine shot during the race. I won't eat the whole box during the race, taking those babies home, not easy to get them in Czech Republic.

Discovered this super cool fuel belt from iFitness at the expo - went for test drive/run with it today and it holds in place amazing!

This is the official race t-shirt (I love that it is long sleeved) and the extra cap.

And the jacket, it ain't cheap at hundred bucks, but you know, it is THE BOSTON MARATHON!

And then I got this outfit from New Balance ... it is not the official race gear, but it is so ME in the colors and such a light weight fabric, super comfy!

Last but not least, I got the number! :D


  1. Skvely cislo a krasnej cas!
    Congrats! 12:)

  2. Fajny cas...a snad tam neni moc zranených , v tom chaosu okolo výbuchů....

  3. Ty brďo, člověk sleduje Aktuálně 24 - a koho neslyší :-)

    1. To víš, stane se ... informací dychtiví novináři si člověka najdou i "za louží" :)

  4. Tíško závidím a držím palce :)