Thursday, April 11, 2013

Flying to The City

As I explained in the previous post, I was flying to NYC through Moscow, here are few photos from the journey. The Aeroflot's business class was amazing and I got to the NYC in better shape than ever :)

This would be the seat, that you can make completely horizontal - your small bed on the plane, I slept like 5 hours, watched James Bond and ate for the rest of the flight :D :D :D

I love that thay actually have L'Occitane as the cosmetics in the on board package you get.

Yep, there was quite some snow at the airport in Moscow!

Beautiful touch - you get a rose as a part of "table" set-up ... not even mentioning the salmon, caviar etc. :) Yum!

Salad was just normal, good dressing though.

No comment on the fish, there wasn't anything else left :(

I made up my own dessert combo: dark chocolate (that was beyond delicious) and Argentinian red wine - also beyond delicious :)

After sleep / pre landing snack ... also yummy!

A small welcome drink before landing :)

And these are already cool fitness gadgets waiting for me to try out :)

Welcome drink in The City!

@Cercle Rouge ... yummy ... great tip to try French cuisine ... most of the people are French and/or speak French!


  1. Krasny fotky. WOW tak v NYC uz je takhle krasne? Jaky jen je to rozdil oproti minus 5, kdyz jsem tam byla na zacatku unora :))

    Tak si to tam hezky uzij a drzim palce na zavod!! Btw. doufam, ze pak napises o tech udelatkach.. vypadaji sexy :-)

  2. Ty si umíš užívat :) Moc hezký .. taky prosím raport o těch věcičkách :) Tak ať ti tam vše vychází!