Monday, April 08, 2013

On My Way ...

Wow, so this is a long journey... I am really happy that I am flying out on Sunday night so I could have my last longish run on Saturday, do some cleaning, have Sunday bfast with my dad and even squeeze in an afternoon nap.

I am trying to take care of my body so this is first time I am flying out not completely stressed out... I am using my miles that were to expire so business class treat for me. Unfortunately there are no more direct flights from Prague to NYC and the only business available was through Moscow, which means that I am practically 18 hours on the way - by back and neck is not liking this too much :( Lot of yoga and stretching time for me in NYC.

I know I didn't talk much (or not at all) about getting ready for Boston. I have lot of miles under my belt (over 500 this year) and have worked a lot on my core (OK I could do more, but I did more than any of the training cycles before). I am beyond excited, with little more than 2 weeks of vacation I have one week to suck in the time change and relax, I run the race and then one amazing week of crazy exciting things in NYC!!!

Greetings from Moscow airport... Unfortunately the airport lounges aren't much welcoming for paleo diet :(

Who will be in Boston??? Any meet ups???

Isn't he the cutest thing??? It broke my heart leave my running buddy at home :(

Škoda ready for Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics ... I hope these will be my first winter Olympics to see live.

Lounging ... Bloody Mary at 4 am??? Yep! It is a good luck and must to have a drink before the flight (I didn't take any photos in the Prague's Airport Lounge as it was really really poor ... it is getting worse every time I fly :( ).

iPad for movies, PC for work, no I am not eating those sandwiches, just the cheese and ham :)


  1. Uzij si to!
    Crossing my fingers! Cheers, 12:)

    1. Děkujůůůů! Jo, jo, v pondělí povinně všechny palce :D