Saturday, April 13, 2013

On The Way To Boston

On the train to Boston :)
The Boston Marathon is getting inevitably closer and I am trying to do my best and not loose my mind. I am just now on the train to Boston. Pretty cool, wifi access, plugs, haven't checked the food cart yet :)

Important notice: There is athlete tracking service, you can sign up here for text message (US numbers only) or email alert. My bib number is 11616!!! How cool is that?

Back to the running ... so I have been taking it easy this week although it is difficult to feel easy when you travel, have 6 hours time difference and so on. Took Sunday (flying out) and Monday (flying in) off, did 5 miles at medium pace on Tuesday, some intervals and tempo on Wednesday, easy long run Thursday (9 miles) and few fast bursts and fast short tempo yesterday. That felt ackward, but I guess that are just my nerves working on me. I do lot of stretching, yoga and  concentration excercise and I fuel myself ... seee:

Delicious Chicken Cobb salad at Le Pain Quotidien .. yumm - give me avocado and bacon on a salad and I am all yours! :)

Dinner at "Hospoda" (it means pub in the Czech language), but this place is anything like typical Czech pub, except they serve great Pilsner Urquell bear (that I don't drink). It is located at E 73rd Street btw 1st and 2nd av. and it is a part of the Bohemian National Hall. They serve what I would call a modern view on Czech cuisine :) Yummy!

Very interesting combo above: delicious scalops and in the middle extreamely tender pork served with slightly baked prune and potatoe puree.

And their signature dessert - the chocolate ball made of dark chocolate is filled with another kind of chocolate (little like a noughat) that has some see salt in it and they pour a hot white chocolate on it, so the dark chocolate ball colapses inside - very sophisticated and extremely delicious!

And a creme brulle ... great for New York City, average if you have the original French experience :)

Protein refill after my 9 miler on Thursday - family styled Italian restaurant Max in Tribecca. Their Tagliata with truffle and sage french fries? OH MY GOD!!!

I did some shopping yesterday (Friday) ... see below ... so I was pretty tired after my fast tempo run in the cold and windy weather so took it easy with a safe chocice of delicious French food at Cercle Rouge ... carrot and gigner soup and salmon with steamed spinach. I am trying to go really smart on the nutrition which is pretty damn hard in the NYC with all the delicious restaurants around!

Girls, wanna hear about the shopping? Went for a lunch to the World Financial Center - met my great friend Guillaume - who is actually the one to "blame" when we talk about my running ... He was the one who made me sign for my first half marathon :) Thank you Guillaume! Great to see you again! So the World Financial Center is just few steps from the well known Century 21 .. originally, I wanted to get myself some cheap throw away clothes for the pre-start time. I got none of those, but lot of other cool stuff! Eg, I am digging this leather jacket, I am sorry I cannot let you touch it over the blog, because it so smooth and soft. Yay! Few dresses, some sweaters. I think I am coming back for more when my girlfriends fly in after I come back from Boston :D :D :D

Any tips for me on how not to get crazy until Monday morning??? Motivation? Mantras? Advice from those who already done the race? Thank you guys!


  1. It was nice to meet you today! Have a great race tomorrow!!

    1. Nice meeting you! Enjoy the Boston experience at your best :) Have fun!

  2. Napiš prosím alespoň čárku, že jsi v pořádku...