Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fat Fast Day 3

Workouts: Ran outside easy 3.35 miles / 53 minuts
Training session with The Coach: 6x 400 m at around 1:32 each interval followed by some strength and stretching

Well, day 3 wasn't a walk in park, I have to admit. Basically from the morning, I was looking forward to go to bed and finish this whole thing off. In the morning, my body weight scale with the fat percentage analysis nicely surprised me (I wasn't bellow 56 kg since I don't remember when) and I thought for a while that I could just stop and be good with the two days. But that wouldn't be more, I was wanting more :) As reported, I was a "bit" moody throughout the day (= total pain in the a$$), sorry about that my dear friends and colleagues! 

My energy levels were going up and down and I seriously couldn't imagine how the hell am I going to train with The Coach as we had planned a session in the evening. Miraculously, I survived and I have even more or less reached the given target. Even though The Coach said he had originally planned 8 intervals and finally we did only 6 of them. I also got the diagnostic "pee on" stics to see where am I with the ketones in my urine. It is not as accurate as the blood testing, but those should arrive from the US sometime next week :( Will be ready for the next fat fast (hmmm, haven't had my first meal today and already talking about doing this again???) and to monitor if I am in the nutritional ketosis (be aware - huge difference between nutritional ketosis and ketoacidosis that is really dangerous for people with diabetes!). According to my evening test, I am definitely in the nutritional ketosis, wahoo! I will post more about the outcomes of the fat fast as I see where my body weight, body fat percentage and everything stabilizes.

What I know for now is that I am definitely introducing new delicious high fat meals in my regular diet that I aim to maintain at low carb high fat from now on. I have stumbled on too many delicious recipies and with 1 000 - 1 200 kcal per day, you really can't try many of them :)

Just let's see how my final day went (Day 3):

DISCLAIMER: I am not recommending this to any of the readers. It is pretty strict and can be very harmful, especially for people with diabetes and/or high blood pressure. Please, consult your doctor before taking on any dramatical shifts in your nutrition!!!

Day 3 Meal 1 - homemade "nutella" (27 g #organic hazelnut butter, 8 g #coconutoil and 2 g natural cocoa powder) = 265 kcal, 88 % from fat.
This is one of the foods I have been having before - delicious and you know there is no processed s**t in it :)

Day 3 Meal 2 - 25 g of macadamia nuts = 179 kcal, 89 % from fat.
Macadamias are staple for the fat fast - if you can afford them :( 
(In Czech Republic: cca 75 CZK / 100 g)

Day 3 Meal 3 - salad and oopsie roll w lard for extra fat :) (100 g salad, 15 g olive oil, 10 g lard, 1 oopsie roll) = 297 kcal, 88 % from fat.
As you have seen in my Fat Fast Day 2 post, I have tried the oopsie rolls that should be kind of replacing bread if you go grain and gluten free. I only could have had one, not that shabby, looking forward to try these out as the "bun" for my burger tonight!

Day 3 Meal 4 - 25 g of macadamia nuts - 179 kcal, 89 % from fat.

Day 3 Meal 5 - Fat Fast Mac-and-cheese ... Inspired by recipe from Dana Carpender's Fat Fast Cookbook (55 g of "šmakoun štíhlé nudle" - sorry no English equivalent for that, egg white based no grain noodles, 15 g lard, 15 g heavy cream, 21 g cream cheese, 17 g Tete de Moine Swiss cheese for flavor) = 319 kcal, 81 % from fat. Finally felt little like meal, can't wait for bfast tomorrow when the fat fast is over... 
I am posting this with the full comment from my Instagram stream ... well, I am happy this is over for now :)

My day also included 2 cups of home made bone broth that are not in the picture with quite some salt in them before each of the workouts.

Day 3 totals: 1 337 kcal consumed, 84 % coming from fat (128 g), 10 % protein (34 g) and 6 % carbs (23 g).

And I am sure, you really all wanted to see how the pee on sticks look like :D They are pretty affordable at 100 CZK per 50 pcs box. Not available regularly at the pharmacies in Czech Republic though. But they ordered them for me and I had them second day. My level shows up to 5 mmol of ketons, which is pretty cool. You should aim for above 0.5 mmol, anything between 1-2 is good. Interested to see how the blood testing goes - the device and the stripes are really pricey though :(

One nasty side effect of the "fast" even though I wasn't really fasting is insomnia which has been getting worse with each new day. I googled it as I couldn't sleep and people say that's normal. I would also like to know if anyone has experience with this, I am not sure, if I can increase the calories on the fat fast if I am working out every day. Like running more than 30 minutes - did over 11 miles on Day 1 and pretty hard interval session on the Day 3. I am sure, easy paced run of 30 minutes are OK, but I am not sure about longer and more intense efforts.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Fat Fast Day 2

Workout: Ran outside easy 3.5 miles / 34 minutes

Abs - Level 2 (second time ever - crazy!!!)

Here comes Day 2 of my Fat Fast challenge. No dramatic shifts in my body weight this morning, even though my body fat seems to be getting lower. I should also have the testing strips to pee on tomorrow to find out if I am successfully in nutritional ketosis - wohoo! Too much information? Sorry about that :) I have to admit, that yesterday evening was a bit hard, I was feeling hungry. Today was with lots of ups and downs, as I know these feelings from going low carb, main task: have my minerals, salt and ideally some home made bone broth - I had it before my evening easy run and was feeling great.

I have to admit, I am looking forward to being back to my normal low carb normal calorie intake, but on the other hand, I like the definition that I can see on my abs :)

DISCLAIMER: I am not recommending this to any of the readers. It is pretty strict and can be very harmful, especially for people with diabetes and/or high blood pressure. Please, consult your doctor before taking on any dramatical shifts in your nutrition!!!

Day 2 Meal 1 - Coffee w coconut oil (21 g) and heavy cream (19 g) = 253 kcal, 98 % from fat!

Day 2 Meal 2 - 25 g of macadamia nuts = 179 kcal, 89 % from fat.

Day 2 Meal 3 - Tropicai Hot Chilli Coconut Chips (35 g) = 230 kcal, 86 % from fat. (This is absolutely delicious!!! Check out their international website or the Czech reseller)

Day 2 Meal 4 Heavy sour cream (100 g) with natural cocoa powder (3 g) = 185 kcal, 81 % from fat.

Day 2 Meal 5 - Fat Fast Scramble (1 egg whisked with 10 g of heavy cream, scrambled on 20 g of lard, add 10 g of Tete de Moine cheese) = 316 kcal, 87 % from fat.

Day 2 totals: 1 218 kcal consumed, 86 % coming from fat (118 g), 7 % protein (22 g) and 6 % carbs (20 g).

And a little bonus: I am trying the oopsie rolls for first time ever - those are based on eggs and cream cheese and can substitute bread rolls or buns if you have enough imagination. I will let you know tomorrow when I taste them (huge temptation right now :) ). Recipe comes from Your Lighter Side.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fat Fast Day 1

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have been wondering that I am eating some weird stuff, or weird combinations of food. Yep, I am, I went into the low carb and paleo (or partly paleo as I do eat dairy). I have experimented with other stuff, but this seems to suit me best. I am actually drafting a whole post about it. But since I do want to have this experiment online, I will post about how I tweaked my nutrition later. What I am going into now is a Fat Fast. It is a thing originally planed out by Dr. Atkins, I won't go in details as it has been thoroughly described by Jimmy Moore or Dana Carpender (check out her Fat Fast Cookbook) and many others. Basic rules: consume approx 1 000 kcal per day, aim for 90 % of them coming from fat, should not go bellow 80-85 % range. Not that easy! (Here where Dana's cookbook comes in handy!)

It is recommended to go through the Fat Fast up to 5 days, I am shooting for 3 or 2, if the fat burning jump starts fast. The reason I am doing this is to increase my fat burning abilities as I need to get rid of some more fat in order to become faster runner. No problems with my body image, nothing, I just want to run fast! :)

DISCLAIMER: I am not recommending this to any of the readers. It is pretty strict and can be very harmful, especially for people with diabetes and/or high blood pressure. Please, consult your doctor before taking on any dramatical shifts in your nutrition!!!

Day 1 Meal 1 - Coffee w 13 g of coconut oil and 30 g heavy cream = 215 kcal, over 90 % from fat.

Day 1 Meal 2 - coconut "meat" pieces - 30 g = cca 190 kcal, 86 % from fat.

Day 1 Meal 3 - egg, cheese & lard (1 egg scrambled on the fat from 19 g of lard w 7 g of Tete de Moine Swiss cheese) = 256 kcal, 86 % coming from fat.

Day 1 Meal 4 - 25 g of macadamia nuts ain't that much :( = 179 kcal, 90 % from fat.

Day 1 Meal 5 - spinach w bacon, heavy cream and Tete de Moine Swiss cheese (200 g spinach, 15 g bacon, 20 g heavy cream, 10 g cheese) = 218 kcal, 79 % from fat.

Two cups of home made bone broth are missing in the pictures - nothing exciting, necessary to keep my mineral levels in check, since I had problems with deficiency after going low carb.

Day 1 totals: 1 130 kcal consumed, 84 % coming from fat (107 g), 10 % protein (30 g) and 5 % carbs (18 g).

I went for two runs, I wasn't feeling like finishing the full 10 miles I had scheduled for today in the noon run. I guess it was because my legs being tired from yesterday, the rain and perhaps also the fat fast. Did brisk walk and 4 miles of running in the evening, felt great.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Nike Wish List

Went to Nike Store Prague yesterday to check out some shoes. Ended up with pretty long wish list :) Check out the photos! What's on your wish list?

Nike pro sleeveless top - already have it in black, simply amazing :)

Nike FlyKnit One in hot pink!!! Nothing to add :) or I really dig the light weight feel, can't wait to try these!

Need to carry around my training gear :)

... From another store, classic, amazing, expensive :(