Monday, May 27, 2013

Fat Fast Day 2

Workout: Ran outside easy 3.5 miles / 34 minutes

Abs - Level 2 (second time ever - crazy!!!)

Here comes Day 2 of my Fat Fast challenge. No dramatic shifts in my body weight this morning, even though my body fat seems to be getting lower. I should also have the testing strips to pee on tomorrow to find out if I am successfully in nutritional ketosis - wohoo! Too much information? Sorry about that :) I have to admit, that yesterday evening was a bit hard, I was feeling hungry. Today was with lots of ups and downs, as I know these feelings from going low carb, main task: have my minerals, salt and ideally some home made bone broth - I had it before my evening easy run and was feeling great.

I have to admit, I am looking forward to being back to my normal low carb normal calorie intake, but on the other hand, I like the definition that I can see on my abs :)

DISCLAIMER: I am not recommending this to any of the readers. It is pretty strict and can be very harmful, especially for people with diabetes and/or high blood pressure. Please, consult your doctor before taking on any dramatical shifts in your nutrition!!!

Day 2 Meal 1 - Coffee w coconut oil (21 g) and heavy cream (19 g) = 253 kcal, 98 % from fat!

Day 2 Meal 2 - 25 g of macadamia nuts = 179 kcal, 89 % from fat.

Day 2 Meal 3 - Tropicai Hot Chilli Coconut Chips (35 g) = 230 kcal, 86 % from fat. (This is absolutely delicious!!! Check out their international website or the Czech reseller)

Day 2 Meal 4 Heavy sour cream (100 g) with natural cocoa powder (3 g) = 185 kcal, 81 % from fat.

Day 2 Meal 5 - Fat Fast Scramble (1 egg whisked with 10 g of heavy cream, scrambled on 20 g of lard, add 10 g of Tete de Moine cheese) = 316 kcal, 87 % from fat.

Day 2 totals: 1 218 kcal consumed, 86 % coming from fat (118 g), 7 % protein (22 g) and 6 % carbs (20 g).

And a little bonus: I am trying the oopsie rolls for first time ever - those are based on eggs and cream cheese and can substitute bread rolls or buns if you have enough imagination. I will let you know tomorrow when I taste them (huge temptation right now :) ). Recipe comes from Your Lighter Side.


  1. To je masakr. Nevím, jestli bych do sebe dostala Meal 1 :) Jak dlouho to chceš držet?

    1. Taky jsem si to myslela, ale ono když se to rozmixuje, tak je to úplně v pohodě - vygoogli si bulletproof coffee :) Jinak, Day 3 už je pro mě finále, ani nevíš, jak se těším na zítřejší snídani. Správně to má být okolo 1 000 kcal denně, já mám spíš 1 200 - 1 300 kcal, ale vzhledem k tomu, že dál trénuju, tak dost trpím :) Tak uvidíme, jak se to projeví, mělo by to nastartovat metabolismus tuků ...

    2. Mě zaujalo to video, co jsi davala na fcb Eat, Fast & Live Longer. Uvažuji nad tím 5+2. Ale asi trochu pozvolna, teď mám v plánu docela dlouhý běhy, tak aby se to dalo skloubit.

  2. @Renča

    Jo, naprostý souhlas! Ta moje akce teď byla dost extrémní. Jinak doporučuju všeobecně low carb speciálně na dlouhé pomalé běhy... Super knížka je The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance a pak je taky The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living... :) Pak třeba

  3. zapomela jsem se Te zeptat jak Ti chutnaji Opsie Rolls.. experimentovala jsi s nima minuly rok, ale ted uz je u Tebe na Instagramu nikdy nevidim....

    Ptam se hlavne proto, ze je planuju zkusit