Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Massive Build Up For an Unexpected PR

Pretty much all is said in the title of this post. The before last week has been my "biggest" running week as far as I know. I logged almost 79 miles (127 km) and as my Czech friends know, it was hell of a hot week with temperatures of 32, 35 and more degrees Celsius (high 90s in Fahrenheit). Put in a wedding party on Saturday night and I have to admit, I found myself exhausted the last Monday morning.

The Coach wanted to continue in our speeding up quest by adding yet another two 400 m intervals on my Tuesday evening training. Fortunately after seeing how tired I was and reminding him of my 10 k race on Wednesday, we didn't go into it and planned the week as the easy one. You remember - there should be an easier week after approx 3-4 weeks of pumping up your mileage and/or pace.

I was still feeling tired last Wednesday and the "Olympic Day Run" 10 km started at 6 pm ... after all day at work, no great excitement. We got little stuck at work and left late with Lenka, so fortunately I didn't have too much time to over think. Just came, warmed up and there we were running for the first round (the race is actually two loops around Ladronka). I was pleasantly surprised by running comfortably hard in the sub 7s for the first 3 miles (first 5 km). Then mile 4 and 5 were uphill and with quite some headwind, so that's why they are little over 7 minute/mile.

My mind went little crazy at around mile 4, a girl overpassed me whom I passed before and I was thinking about quitting even though I knew by then I was running for quite reasonable PR. Fortunately I have put myself together, little self talk of "you need to do far more training to be so confident that fewer and fewer girls pass you ...". Finished in 43:10 (that's what my Garmin says), the official time is 43:15 because it is from the gun time, not start line crossing line. Pretty exciting of PRing by a minute in one month only time going straight from full running week with no taper. Check out the Garmin activity file for details of my run.

Pretty excited about the PR, not sure if the matcha tea really helped, but even if its placebo I am OK with it :)

Another succes story was on Thursady, I placed 2nd in a golf tournament, winning 2 green fees. Yay! Hope you appreciate my girly golf bag :D The fitness and endurance I gained through running definitely helps to perform on the golf course. As well as the confidence and concentration that I developed by running.

Friday was another fat fast day ... I was lazy to take photos of all the meals, but the basic principle is: eat 1 000 - 1 200 kcal / day with 80 - 90 % coming from fat. I was pretty successful as my blood ketons were at 1.3 mmol/l ... so I definitely set my body in what is called nutritional ketosis (more on this in the fat fast posts and future posts coming soon :) ).

Saturday was another golf success days :D Another 2nd place, my HCP went down from 35 to 32.5, pretty excited!

My personal reward to myself: new golf glove ... of course it has to have a pink touch!

Sunday lunch with my dad at La Finestra ... I would kill for the meats they serve ... Like seriously, the best!
Today's lunch was salad made of celery, avocado, tuna and home made baconnaise ... yummy. Served with low carb cauliflower flat bread (recipe by Jess Paige). Yummy!

So I took the rest of the week easy. But did almost 30 km on Sunday, because I just wanted to finally over run September 2012 in my mileage, so in order to run 410 km in a month I got on treadmill like at 9 pm on Sunday so I squeeze in the missing 3 km :D :D :D I am back in tough training as of today, 15 x 400 m intervals each at 1:30 today ... it was actually 3 x 5 x 400 m ... I kind of struggled through the last 5, but still managed to go sub 1:35. Uff, exhausted, going to bed now ... (check out the Garmin activity file).

Grilled cheese based on the cauliflower flat bread for dinner after the insane workout!

What are the workouts you find the toughest???

Any exciting race plans?