Friday, August 30, 2013

Let's Do Some Running :)

I overslept today, which I think is the best thing that could have happened to me. They say it's the second night before your race that is the most important one. So hopefully it's true because now it's the night before the race and I'm painting my nails and I just don't feel like sleeping as usual because the nerves are creeping on my turf :D

Fortunately the race starts at 4 PM so that gives me plenty time to sleep in. Even though I don't think I will be able to do so. The race is going to be also difficult from the nutrition point of view, because I will need to eat some bigger meal and the carb loading the night before wouldn't be enough. My dinner today was turkey stirfry with carrots and mushrooms and also usual sweet potato chips. I'm kind of digging the sweet potato chips right now :D

I don't have specific time goal for tomorrow's race, I'd like to beat my personal best which is 43:15 right now. I am aiming to give it my everything. I trained really hard and I want to see where I'm at before the main fall race - the Berlin marathon on September 29.

I went for a test run this afternoon to shake my legs up and 1K at the goal pace and also try out my new Nike shorts and compression socks that I will be wearing for the race tomorrow (crappy photo):

Good night and good luck with your weekend running & racing!!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

WRP - It's Official - Paula Is Coming!!!

You might be asking who is Paula? Anyone who knows me well enough knows that there is only one Paula I could get so excited about :) Paula Radcliffe - marathon world record holder and one of the greatest female distance runners!!! And she will be setting us off for the We Run Prague 10 k Nike race this Saturday - my test race before the Berlin marathon that is exactly one month from today! Goose bumps all over :D

In case you might have forgotten, we're like best running buddies... Maybe Paula isn't that aware of that. I am like over excited I might meet her again after the Legends Run Forever run at the London Olympics last summer (photo above).

I hope you can understand that my gear selection for the race got to totally different level of importance :)

This is what I am going for:

What is your favorite racing gear?

Who is your running idol?

What question would you ask Paula?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Listening To My Body

Well, I had some great workouts last week. Nailing down 16 x 300 m with The Coach on Tuesday, 6 x 2 km at 7:38 min/mile (4:45 min/km) with negative splits on Thursday. 11.5 miles fastish at 8:26 min/mile (5:15 min/km) on Friday morning as I already know I am usually too tired after the week to get in some reasonable workout Friday evening... Boom, Saturday morning was my good friends' wedding ceremony, had time to take a nap and go for a run before the evening party. But even after taking 2 hour nap, my legs were off, was supposed to do 10 km tempo at 8:02 min/mile (5:00 min/km), followed by 1 km intervals. I quit the workout after 6 km of the tempo, I felt soooo tired! I might have pushed myself little more, but not with the "A" 10 km race just week ahead of me. Don't want to get on the overtraining train!

Went to the party, was home by 10 pm, slept for 9 hours and took 5 hour "nap" on Sunday afternoon. Finally I felt good to go for my easy 14 miler. Yet today, 2.4 miles of easy running and yoga stretches made miracles to my body and mind. Ready for the tune up with The Coach tomorrow but still in need for rest before the We Run Prague on Saturday!!! Have you seen my good luck decoration? ;) 

What are your goals for the autumn races??? What are your A races?

Any tips on listening to your body?

Does your confidence and mind go crazy when you taper for a race?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

We Run Prague - Getting Ready

We Run Prague 10k ... my test race before the Berlin marathon! The race is in more than two weeks from now, but the race number = Nike tshirt pick up already started and I was curious how it looks so we picked it up in one of the first days. That's more the mental prep and I am now thinking which shorts or running skirt will fit the tshirt the best :)

Then there is the actual training: the speed intervals with The Coach came down to 14 x 300 m, I was struggling a bit last week, but smashed it this week. My times are more or less 1 second faster than what Garmin says, because I give a sign to the coach when I am at the 300 m mark and after that I stop my watch... 1 second might not seem as much, but trust me, it is hell of a lot! I was so excited to smash the last rep as the fastest one at 1:03,5 according to The Coach :) We'll se on August 31 where can I push myself right now... One step at the time :)

This is more contra training :) I attended a wine & meat degustation last night. The photo bellow is very poor and doesn't make justice to the deliciousness of the meat! I only had approx total of two glasses of wine which is very little for a degustation, but I still felt it a little bit in the morning... How does your training level and clean eating influence your tolerance to alcohol??? I used to tolerate especially wine very well - hey, I lived in France!!!, but now I have to be super cautious and hardly drink any nowadays. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Running Solves All The Problems :)

Yesterday morning started with a wonderful run with running buddy that I ran into by accident. The time flew by and I hated that I had to cut the workout, because it would have been super duper to do all the 15+ miles I had in my training plan. But one has to work...

Enjoyed the run in the brand new Nike LunarGlide 5 ... Found them little stiff at first (maybe because my LG4 are so worn out and therefore have lighter feel now?), but today they felt great. They are my go to shoes for long runs especially on hard surfaces.

Another new thing to my training is this cute little "baby" ... my very first own kettlebell!! Friend is teaching me how to do proper deadlift and kettlebell swing. My second is now on its way to be delivered - gonna be a 16 kg one :) Friends, if you want to start up with kettlebell, just be sure to have proper instruction (by that I do not mean watching a YouTube video ...), you can really hurt your back, shoulders etc. by not doing this right!

I also got an equipment to be able to do pull ups at home, well to attempt pull ups. My physiotherapist checked my form in the negative pull up and it ain't any good, so I am now practicing tiny uncomfortable movements to get my form better and get ready to future attempts in better form :)

About running solving the problems ... The upper part of the IG photo is afternoon snack while working from home - celery sticks with salted pumpkinseed butter - delicious treat! Then I went on a sushi date and unfortunately was abandoned for unknown reasons ... So what? I jumped on a treadmill and finished of my daily dose of mileage. You know I was willing to sacrifice half of my 15 miler for a date! I was upset for the evening turning out strange at first, but then the zen feeling while finishing my mileage was priceless!!! Hence the title of this post :o) Running solves all the problems...
And I deserved a refuel and a treat in one :) Cottage cheese, banana, whey protein isolate - chocolate smooth flavor from MyProtein and bit of milk. I kept it little thick on purpose so it was more like a dessert than a shake. Yummy!
Yep, I started to supplement my protein intake just after the workouts, so I can keep my muscles on and hopefully shred some body fat :) I ordered it from MyProtein, that is based in UK. High quality for affordable price with fast shipping to the Czech Republic. Tastes great! I have been incorporating some tips from Kiefer's CarbNite Solution and more of CBL - Carb BackLoading. So that's why I got these and they seem to be working. We will see!

How is your running going guys?