Friday, August 30, 2013

Let's Do Some Running :)

I overslept today, which I think is the best thing that could have happened to me. They say it's the second night before your race that is the most important one. So hopefully it's true because now it's the night before the race and I'm painting my nails and I just don't feel like sleeping as usual because the nerves are creeping on my turf :D

Fortunately the race starts at 4 PM so that gives me plenty time to sleep in. Even though I don't think I will be able to do so. The race is going to be also difficult from the nutrition point of view, because I will need to eat some bigger meal and the carb loading the night before wouldn't be enough. My dinner today was turkey stirfry with carrots and mushrooms and also usual sweet potato chips. I'm kind of digging the sweet potato chips right now :D

I don't have specific time goal for tomorrow's race, I'd like to beat my personal best which is 43:15 right now. I am aiming to give it my everything. I trained really hard and I want to see where I'm at before the main fall race - the Berlin marathon on September 29.

I went for a test run this afternoon to shake my legs up and 1K at the goal pace and also try out my new Nike shorts and compression socks that I will be wearing for the race tomorrow (crappy photo):

Good night and good luck with your weekend running & racing!!!


  1. Ahoj, I randomly landed on your blog and I find it very inspiring.
    Today is going to be my first race since I was a young boy, back then I could run 8km in less than 40min but today I will be happy if I make the 10km in less than 55...
    Good luck for the race and I hope to spot you in the crowd.
    Your secret admirer :-)

  2. Wow, the photo is really sexy. :)