Monday, August 26, 2013

Listening To My Body

Well, I had some great workouts last week. Nailing down 16 x 300 m with The Coach on Tuesday, 6 x 2 km at 7:38 min/mile (4:45 min/km) with negative splits on Thursday. 11.5 miles fastish at 8:26 min/mile (5:15 min/km) on Friday morning as I already know I am usually too tired after the week to get in some reasonable workout Friday evening... Boom, Saturday morning was my good friends' wedding ceremony, had time to take a nap and go for a run before the evening party. But even after taking 2 hour nap, my legs were off, was supposed to do 10 km tempo at 8:02 min/mile (5:00 min/km), followed by 1 km intervals. I quit the workout after 6 km of the tempo, I felt soooo tired! I might have pushed myself little more, but not with the "A" 10 km race just week ahead of me. Don't want to get on the overtraining train!

Went to the party, was home by 10 pm, slept for 9 hours and took 5 hour "nap" on Sunday afternoon. Finally I felt good to go for my easy 14 miler. Yet today, 2.4 miles of easy running and yoga stretches made miracles to my body and mind. Ready for the tune up with The Coach tomorrow but still in need for rest before the We Run Prague on Saturday!!! Have you seen my good luck decoration? ;) 

What are your goals for the autumn races??? What are your A races?

Any tips on listening to your body?

Does your confidence and mind go crazy when you taper for a race?

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